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Occurred : 11/16/1999 19:00 (Entered as : 11/16/99 7:00-7:30)
Reported: 11/17/1999 16:58
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Columbus, MI
Shape: Other
Duration:1 minute or so
Looking out my living room window...I saw a bright light that had a form like a long tail. It came from the west and was traveling slowly towards the east It had 4 cylinder type bright lights with black or dark spaces connecting them. It lasted for around 1 minute.

Looking out my livingroom window (about a 7' wide window) a tail form bright light went by the window. The quarter moon was just above the tree line and this object passed by my window some- where between the moon and the tree line. It was low. It was not high in the sky. I was standing walking towards the window in a dark room to turn the T.V. on. I was not sitting looking out the window at the sky. The object had 4 sections. There was a bright light with I believe window type things around it. Then there was a dark section then another bright light then another dark section then another bright light then another dark section then another bright light. They were definitely connected. I stood in awe for around 30 seconds then ran outside my front door. It was traveling from the west to the east across my front yard. It was not a whoosh - fast movement. It was not a slow movement. It was just there cruising across my yard. There was no wind noise or engine noise. There was no sign I saw something go by. It was gone within a minute or so. We have a field on the west side of our home and a woods on the east side. The house faces the south and we have a railroad track behind our house. When I ran outside I saw nothing but a lot of stars in the sky. I saw on the evening news the next evening a picture someone sent in of the meteor that was breaking up. That was NOT it. What I saw was definitely different. I have seen many shooting stars, many meteor showers and I have also seen the Northern Lights once. I live in a country atmosphere without any city lights around. I have one neighbor to the south of us. There house faces the east where ours faces the south. My husband came home from work around 1:30 a.m. that evening. He was listening to ART Bell on A.M. 800 CKLW and he heard many people calling in and describing EXACTLY what I described to him when I called him at work around 7:30P.M. or that same night. I have never seen an object like this in my past. I'm not sure what I saw but I know it was not the meteor the media is telling me I saw. The object did not leave a trail. It was bright and clear with no haze around it at all. No color just a bright brilliance. There were no aircraft in the area. Thank-You!