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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/20/1999 21:50 (Entered as : 11/20/99 2150)
Reported: 11/21/1999 13:25
Posted: 2/25/2003
Location: Austin, TX
Shape: Formation
Duration:<10 sec
Three dome shaped lights. One craft or three I don't know.

This is an addendum to a report I made approx 16 hours ago concerning a craft of unknown identity spotted in Austin TX. Craft Size: It was between a quarter and half-dollar held at arm's length. Of course that is an estimation and I cannot give it any weight. I can say that the circle / lights were distanced 1 1/2 circle / light diameters apart and if linked would from an equilatoral triangle. An imaginary cicle periphery drawn around the three lights would be 2.5 times the size of each light. The craft proceeded north triangle point leading. The lights had depth to them and appeared as shallow domes of light. The effect was something like viewing a tent with a lightsource inside. You don't see the source but its interaction with the tent material. So too were these lights. They appeared to softly luminesce these shallow domes in a very off orange color. As I mentioned somewhere between subdued peach and burnt ocher. During and immediately after the incident I recorded other visible activity in the sky and this consisted of three other, conventional, aircraft. None interacted with the object and appeared to be normal air traffic. The closest was at least 3-5 kilometers away and the farthest between 8 and 12. Two were generally northeast and one (the farthest) was west. Austin-Bergstrom international airport lies east southeast approx 5 miles away. I hope this comletes this report accurately for you. If I can clarify anything further please let me know. A copy of my initial report is enclosed below. My wife and I were returning to work after a lunch break. I stepped outside and looked up to see the moon. Instead what I saw were three dome shaped lights that were moving north at a constant rate of travel. All three lights were the same color something between a subdued peach & burnt ocher. They did not blink or flash. The lights were either three individual craft moving in perfect triangular formation, or they were attached to one indistinguishable craft. All moved exactly in unison! The craft covered about 40 degrees of sky in less than ten seconds and maintained a constant velocity. No noise accompanied this sighting. I shouted over and over at my wife to "Look at this! Look at this!" She was closing the door behind me and turned and observed the craft for about seven seconds. After continuing across the sky in a straight line the UFO disappeared seemingly winking to nothing as it went into the night. My wife was extrememly shaken. I too felt this, but I also felt excitement. Disbelief. Never have I seen anything even close. I am an Army veteran and am trained in aircraft identification. This was absolutely not a conventional powered aircraft. Nor is it anything I have ever been instructed to watch for. Very chillingly this craft is a near identicle copy of a recreation I observed very recently on TV of a UFO reported all over Britain in one night and investigated by that fromer MOD official whose name I cannot recall. I believe the show was "Sightings". The event is less that 2 hours old and I am back at work, but my mind is not focused and I feel as though I am running on Auto. What do I do now?