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Occurred : 10/18/1999 04:30 (Entered as : 10/18/99 04:30)
Reported: 11/23/1999 11:17
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Ventura, CA
Shape: Unknown
About three weeks ago I woke from an strange but curiously happy dream. I heard my husband calling the cat to let it out the door near the room where I was sleeping. The door closed with a familiar bang and a short time later I heard my husband talking quite loudly in the hallway. It sounded like he was talking with my daughter and I changed my position in bed, straining to hear what they were talking about, wondering if I should get up and perhaps reassure my daughter for some reason. Their voices were loud but the tonality wasn't stressed or upset so I just continued to listen very carefully trying to hear what they were talking about. There was qite a bit of loud opening and closing of doors and a very loud thump on the wall behind my pillow which confused me. I tried to figure out what would make such a sharp loud bang on the wall. I at first though maybe our dog could have somehow made the noise but quickly realized the dog could not have hit the wall because of a low stack of firewood that would prevent the dog from getting close to the wall. I then wondered why the dog wasn't barking. If someone was in our yard the dog is slightly aggresive and would surely bark. At the same time I started wondering about a very, very loud mechanical whirring noise outside my window. It was a noise I recognized as hearing before but had never been able to really identify or explain. It was much louder than usual. Near this same time my body felt suddenly electrified as if a force field or some kind electromagnetic field was emanating from and enveloping me. It was a light buzzy type of feeling I somehow felt responsible for but then I felt a discrete circle of electricity, like a hula hoop, pass up my body up past my head and then back down my body again. It was a very powerful force and made every small hair on my body stand on end as it passed up and down me just once. As it passed over my head I felt a little worried that it would pull me right out of my body and did my best to hold on tight.! I was actively trying to figure out what was going on and streams of rational explanations ran through my mind and were discarded. As my eyes shifted to follow the pattern of exposure to the strange electric field I noticed a dark ephmeral figure at my bedside. It was about even with where my hands were folded on my chest and I had the impression it was holding me in place. I stared wide-eyed at it, not particularly frightened but angry that it was violating my personal space. I immediately noted a much larger figure directly looming over my head from behind me. I could just see the edges of its presence and thought it odd that it could get between my pillows and the bedroom wall. I wanted to push the smaller bedside creature away from me but knew I couldn't move my hands or legs, so , instinctually, I raised my head in its direction, gave a little snarl and bit at it! Even at the point of doing it I realized what a strange funny thing that was to do and was a little amused at myself. It was very irritating to have these things so close to me but I didn't really seem to have much choice. I was still trying to figure out what was happening to me. I started to think back to some experiences I had had years ago and recalled that a psychic had told me I was being crowded by spirits who wandered towards me because I was so bright. The psychic had helped me send the spirits away and told me if and when I meditated to stay in the Christlight. I wasn't sure if this experience had anything to do with spirits but I was comforted to know I could perhaps look for the Christlight to protect myself. At the time I couldn't remember the term 'Christlight' and instead started mentally asking for the Godlight and then I asked Christ to protect me a couple of times and finally and suddenly the creatures were gone. One of the most striking things about this experience was the distinct way the whirring sound from outside slowly moved away when the creatures left. As the sound from outside receeded I was left froz! en in ab solute stunning silence. I laid there for only a moment impressed with the incredible absence of sound and awestruck by how deafeningly loud things had been just moments ago, and then realizing I was able to move again I lept out of bed and ran into the hallway to check on my family. They were all absolutely sound asleep. I tried to wake my husband (who sleeps in a seperate room) to find out why he had been talking to my daughter earlier but he was really sound asleep and wouldn't reply to me. I checked the children again and even looked outside for the dog, who was also asleep in her doggie bed. I walked around the house and looked out the windows and opened the front door to see if I could hear anything like the whirring noise but all was silent. I was a little frightened at this time but I decided whatever had just happened was beyond my control and there for some reason just wasn't much point in being scared about it. I went back to bed, turned on all the lights in my room, noted it was just after 5am, and laid there trying and make sense of the whole experience. I relfected back onto the very vivid dream I had been having just before I had woken up and all this had taken place. I wondered if the dream had anything to do with the experience I had just had. In the dream I had been participating in some kind of a game show. It was sunny and bright. I was required to dress in a bright yellow pantsuit with little fuzzy white socks and white clogs like nurses sometimes wear. I remember dressing and thinking the fuzzy socks were funny but that I needed to wear them to be eligible for the game show. I was very happy and peaceful throughout the dream. Anyway, after dressing I drove to a large marble office type building with a large airy anteroom and lots of glass windows and large smooth marble pillars. A smiling man in a normal looking business suit greeted me warmly and put his arm on my shoulders to guide me to my first task. He was talking to me and kind of giving me a little orientation so I would know what was coming next and I could do my best to win the game. It didn't seem like a usual game show. There were no lights or cameras and no audience just a few people here and there walking about in the background. I noticed there was a gentleman just ahead of me in line for the tasks. The first task my guide said apologetically was to spin horizontally about six inches off the marble floor of the room. He put his arm around me and placed a little yellow piece of plastic the shape of small ruler but different ( I can't describe it but could draw it) in front of us and we kind of fell forward like we would hit the floor but instead began to spin over the yellow object. I was smiling. It only lasted a couple of seconds and then we ju! st stood up and the guide told me I had done very well, much better than the fellow before me. I was quite proud of myself. Next we turned to where another man was holding a large book. He put the book very close to my face and then slowly drew it away from me. I didn't think I could read or recognize what he was showing me but everyone seemed pleased. Behind him was a very large blue screen with white letters or symbols being quickly flashed on it. I was allowed to look at the screen for a few moments and then I was taken to another large screen and allowed to sit down and watch the symbols being scanned onto it. The letters or symbols were moving very quickly similar to scanning rapidly through text on a computer screen. I didn't feel that I could understand any of what I was being shown because it was moving so fast, but again it seemed they thought I was doing a good job. In my dream this game show thing went on for three days because I kept doing a better job than the other contestants. Finally on the third day I was used to the routine and the guide and people working there were like old friends. On that third day, at the point after the spinning session, when the man showed me the book, I recognized the particular book he showed this time and I recognized words on the cover of the book and being normal english letters. The book cover included the word 'Fisher' and I knew it from the scientific supply company from which I sometimes order supplies in my 'real life'. I was very interested to see this book and I wanted to look at it longer. It suddenly struck me that what I was being shown was very important if only I could understand it. I felt that book had valuable information related to my field of biology in it and I wanted very badly to have a longer look at it. Instead I was directed to the seat and the usual blue screen where I studied the flashing symbols until I was done for the day. I felt that they didn't realize that I couldn't understand the information on the screen because it ! was movi ng so fast. I then thought maybe the information was somehow being absorbed by me but then reconvinced myself that they had just made a slight error in their planning and that they really didn't know I wasn't able to read the symbols so quickly. I felt that they thought they were doing a very good job, a good thing. This third day I was told I was the winner and I would be getting my prize in a few days. I was very happy and wondered what my prize would be. I knew it would be something really good. I woke from the dream feeling very proud of myself and contented and excited about the prize. Then I started having the experience already discussed at the beginning of this letter. I feel strongly that the dream and the experience following are related. I am not a very religous person or someone who has spent more than a casual amount of time investigating the psychic world etc. I have had some other strange experiences that could be considered both paranormal and otherworldly in the past and my interest in these matters has stemmed from a desire to explain what I have experienced. On your web-page introduction the question "Why me?" grabbed me by the shirt front. I am an open minded, creative, intelligent person but mostly no different from anyone I know. I certainly don't look remarkable though not hideous. 42 years old, married 20 years, mother of two, student of genetics and developmental biology soon to be a college professor. Can you help me discover the purpose behind this phenomenon and help me figure out, why me? I apologize for the somewhat jumbled nature of this letter. I am relieved to get it written down at least.