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Occurred : 1/28/2000 00:00 (Entered as : 01/28/00 00/00)
Reported: 1/28/2000 01:11
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Damascus (Boring), OR
Shape: Fireball
Duration:2 seconds
Massive green appearing fireball, appeared to have slammed into the earth, somewhere South of Damascus (Boring) Oregon.

I was returning home from a Safeway store, in the Highland shopping center, on the corner of 181st ave. and East Powell blvd. in the town of Gresham Oregon. I drove South, out of town, on 181st ave. until I reached Tilstrom Rd. (possibly spelled Tillstrom). Preparing top turn left on Tilstrom Rd. I watched a huge green appearing fireball/object disapear behind a fir covered hill, south of Damascus Oregon, where I live. I believe the hill had a large radio tower with red lights on it. Do not know the distance of the hill from Tilstrom Rd. or south of Damascus. The light green light emitted from the object was so bright,large, and close to the ground, it had to have hit the earth. The direction of travel, appeared to be straight down, from my vantage point. Damascus is located between Clackamas, and Boring, but everyone's mailing address is Boring. Also, my car has a clock embedded in the dash, directly below the windshield, which is how I know it was exactly midnight, when the sighting occured. This object was so bright, someone else, must have witnessed it.