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Occurred : 8/1/1998 21:00 (Entered as : aug 98 9:pm)
Reported: 1/31/2000 19:04
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Litchfield, IL
Shape: Other
It happen in my backyard

It was around , 10:pm off to the north i had seen a dark cloud that had stayed there for three days . and there were no other clouds about . I could see it at night as well , But it was never reported as a storm cloud , or even put in the locakl paper . A small town of 2000. i had noticed it two days before . but thought nothing odf it . Since it was been raining in St. louis for about three wks now . but no rain in our area. Anyway , i was out some nights before . checking out the ufo's i had seen the nights before . Any way this night , after the rest of my family had went in . My oldest boy and i stayed out . we were watching for any strange happening. so as it went . it was about ten twenty , by now . I had notice to the north of me some lights . coming toward our direction . didn't think much of it at first . but i noticed it was kind of low for a plane or jet . For that matter. So i watched it for sometime as it was approaching us . It had theese bright lights you might see omn a jet landing at an airport . But knowing that there wasn't , no airport close enough for it to land on . I kept watching it . By now it wasn't more than maybe fifty feet from , us. i noticed as it approached it had about six big lights on the front . But after it got wthin a certain distance , of us . it seem to have shut off some of them . As if to disguise , its approach . So by now my son andf i are watching this . now it was about 35 ft. and closing . it was about 25 ft above the ground . we could not here no sound coming from it . but from what i saw . It must have been between 75-100 ft wide . it didn't shine no color lights at this time . By it , was crusing maybe at about 15mph toward us . At this point my son and i have got scared , So we hid behind our car . And i would peek up for a minute to see if it was still there . It was within at least 15 ft from us , by now . Now this is what happened next . i had ducked behind the car again . hopping it would pass. So i looked and it wasn't there , but it was to the west of us, no more than 10-15ft . to our west . itwasjust hoovering about 20ft or lower above the ground . it was within walking distance from where we was . Which was about 10ft . so i took noticed to look at my watch , it was a little past 10:30pm . As we walked over to it . As we approached i could see it had a dome on top . but it wasn't low enough to see into to it . I could just make out the top of it . As we stood underneath it . I took my flashlight , asnd shined up toward it . Sincwe i figure it would reflect my light . but it didn't . there was no reflection at all. It was black at least it looked black under it . becuse you couldn't see it from the bottom . but i was able to see the outline of it . it wasn't completly round .it had small wings on itsside it looked like . anyway , as i stood underit with my son . i ask him wouldn't it be great if wee got to take a ride in it . so we looked toward this our house , and started to walk away . When this light surrounded us . And the next tthing i knew it was 11;30 . I could here myself talking to my son . But i could hear , Or knew what i was saying . until we got a few feet away from it . thats when i turned and notice it fly off. As for the next night the cloud that was there for three days , Well it was gone . if you want to read my story on , my encounters, with ufo's .then you can email me at : ((deleted)) net . i have many sighting , and contacts as well .