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Occurred : 2/2/2000 19:49 (Entered as : 02/02/2000 19:49)
Reported: 2/3/2000 02:38
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Seattle, WA
Shape: Other
Duration:3 min
((NUFORC Note: Formation flight of military C-17 transports, flying at approximately 1,500 feet.))

o Jumbo Jets flying low and slow.

At 19:49 I was driving a Metro bus on NE 143 ST, making a left onto 30 Ave NE. While waiting at the stop sign to make the turn, I saw two large airplanes traveling east over the NorthCity area, coming towards LakeCity. After I made the turn onto 30 AV NE I tried to keep an I on them as they where flying VERY low and very close together, one following the other. Both planes had numerous lights on. When they got over LakeCity they banked to their right, about 90deg. It was not a sharp bank but a slow bank over a few miles, where they then continued south out of my view. In this area we see a lot of planes flying low due to the numerous large airfields around. I have just never seen two large plane in this close a formation this low before. If I had to make a guess as to altitude I would say between 1500 and 3000 feet max. Distance between planes 1/8 of a mile. I am making this report because I was listening to Peter on Art Bell's Wed., night show when he reported this. Since I saw the two objects that where reported, I thought I would say what I saw.