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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/23/1988 01:01 (Entered as : 12/23/88 01:01)
Reported: 2/3/2000 08:56
Posted: 2/16/2000
Location: I-10 (in the desert), TX
Shape: Unknown
While in between two other 18 wheel trucks going 60 mph, I lost thirty minutes and the third truck did NOT see me, when he caught up to the first, ther were no turn offs, we had syncronized watches at the truck stop,deciding where to stop next. After the incident my watch was 15 minutes slow, I had 1:16 and they had 1:31 and they were both ahead of me on the side of the road,having pulled off to decide what to do. The very big african american guy who drove for ((deleted)) Truck Lines, began screaming and crying and he left in a hurry. But myself and the ((deleted)) Transportation driver talked about it for awhile, we saw no craft, remember no aliens per say, I remembered a few years later that there were owls in the road.(?)I apparently became a different person, got divorced. I have new memories. How can they make a whole truck disappear? Where did I go? Why was our watches different? I checked, the ones in the truck were slow 15 minutes too!his trucks clock was 15 fast as was the Wiley driver. 15 minutes were lost, that is sure, but how could the whole truck be gone? I am doubting that there were owls, I don't understand. Something happened to me then, I can speak spanish, I never took one class in spanish in my life, so help me GOD! I don't know any spanish speaking people.I would like some answers please, it has been 11 years, and still that day effects my life. I can't remember much about the owls, I can't understand how come I remember all those owls, I wanted to talk to them , I was thinking that they were beautiful owls, they were brown, big owls. I get irritated when I think about this, and I cannot stop that from happening, I have tried. I want to understand what happened, I know that I will not find out what happened to me, but I think that you can help me

I was leaving Mexico with a load of Brocholli and I had waited all day to get shaved ice blown into the trailor in Nogalas, NM. I went north to I-10 and began the easterly trek. I was stopped at the exit scale in Texas, as I had run out of hours and was forced to shut-down for 8 hours, it was 3:20 or so PM, I logged that I left the scale at 3:15 on 12/22/88, and went east toward Wilmington, N.C.I stopped at a truckstop and took a shower, and ate. In the dinner I met two other drivers that were headed east, and wanting to get home for chistmas in S.C., we could help each other. We left the Truck stop and about an hour later the ((deleted)) drivers had to switch so in that I was in the rear, when they stopped, I passed them and became the middle truck, as the 1st one, Z((deleted)) Transportation truck, kept going. I was about a half mile behind the first truck and by the time the one that stopped got going we had slowed down to about 30 miles an hour, waiting. Zero went over a hill in front of me and instantaniously , I heard them both holering for me on the radio, "where are you?" "where are you?" I said that I was right here and then found out that they were both ahead of me on the side of the road, and I pulled over when I got to them. They said that it had been 30 minutes since I last talked, and it had been only a minute or so. I looked at my watch and said that it was 1:16 and they said that it was 1:31 and we checked my truck, which was the same as my watch, and we checked both of their watches and the clocks in their trucks and they were the same and then the Big guy starts crying and runs off and the other driver and I were talking about it for awhile, and we left and then things started to happen to me, all bad. I got divorced, went to jail for a week had to leave my friends and just bad stuff. Until I had a vasectomy, and then I got my life back, no more problems, new house, new career, great family. Can you shed some light on this? I know I can't find out what happened exactly, but I am hoping tha! t you ca n help me fill in the numerous blanks. thank you. ((name deleted))