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Occurred : 8/19/1996 05:20 (Entered as : 8/19/96 05:20)
Reported: 2/9/2000 02:34
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Brewster, MA
Shape: Disk
It was daylight on approxiamately 8/19/96 I just had graduated high school in June and i was living at home with my parents i was not working at the time and am a musician i love science and art and we live on a farm i love animals too we have farm animals on our farmi am of sound mind i have better and worse days but this day i woke up i was very caught off guard. I was awake .Ilooked out my window and there was a bright light like a yellow fireball so i went outside to videotape it . by the time i went out side the yellow glow went away and all there was left was a silver disc i captured on video .The disc looks like the shape of a shiny metallic tuna can it appears to be flat on the top and on the bottom and it also appears to be round like a can but it hovered above the treeline for about 45 minutes untill the sun came up and ithe image went out of range. The object looked like a metallic can like disk that had no opening it just i was startled at first and i could not believe my eyes but i was tired from not sleeping much the night before. others have seen the tape i showed it to them and they only saw and heard of my experience after i videoed it and they dont know what it could be its a unidentified flying object that i videoed in my back yard i thank you for your time