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Occurred : 2/9/2000 22:00 (Entered as : 02/09/00 23:00?)
Reported: 2/11/2000 14:48
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Seattle, WA
Shape: Circle
Duration:2-3 seconds
While stargazing, a dark black object entered into my line of sight and headed toward the city. Very fluid and fast. No sound. A little bit of light seemed to be reflecting off of the forward section of the object. Then it disappeared into the city glow.

The time of my sighting is quite an odd coincidence and coincides with many events that are happening in my life. That particular night I was just feeling the cusp of a new contentness and so while hanging out with my friends in their upstairs apartment, I decided to go outside for a quick breather to be alone with myself. On the balcony (note: the balcony is only 2 feet of the ground), I was contemplating all the coincidences that had happened that entire week and even up to that day. I had no idea that something bizarre was also going to be added to the rest of them. Well I guess I felt frisky, so I hopped the balcony and walked over to the sidewalk and layed back to stargaze. We live in the Kinnear section of Queen Anne (the west side of the hill). And our apartments look out over Magnolia. I was only out on the sidewalk for a good five to seven minutes when the sighting occured. I want to stress the fact that I did "ask" for a sighting that night like so many other times I've done in the past but have been so awfully disappointed. My family does have a UFO/e.t. history so I thought I was being neglected, I should say. Before that night I had never seen a UFO or a visitor contact. To continue with my sighting; I noticed a good amount of planes that night and I noted that they seemed to have more blinking lights these days. They may have always been that way, but maybe just now I realized it? I could hear all these planes just fine, but the object I saw made no sound at all. I must have been staring out into nothingness (basically straight up) when a dark object entered into my line of sight. I want to note that I did not see it coming out of the corner of my eye, but rather it entered very near to the exact spot I was looking at. I was a dark shadowy object that emitted no light and was heading sort of in a SSE direction toward the city. I believe when I first saw it, it was completely dark. But as it flew in toward the city I think it did start to reflect some city light (I only speculate here) on ! the forw ard section of the craft. As it drew near the glow of the downtown area it sort of faded away and disappeared. I'm not sure if it merely flew into a misty pollution of the city lights or if it purposely made itself invisible. Anyways, the object made no sound and I really have nothing to compare it's size to, since I was looking straight up. Compared to the other planes I saw that night it did seem like it was flying about as low as the normally can go, and it seemed more solid, as the object I saw was circular in shape. Also, when comparing the object I saw to all the rest of the planes that night. This object sort of "swooshed" in and was not using a direct line of flight. All the other planes up there seemed to be stiff and rigid in the flight plans, while this was like a bird swooping on in. That's about it. The important thing that this sighting has taught me is that, despite my family's history of seeing UFO's and E.T.'s, I am even now doubting my sighting. And unless an E.T. comes up to me and taps me on the shoulder, or a gov't agent comes up to me and explains the entire truth behind the whole enigma, all of us will have doubts. Descartes was really on to something I guess. Thank you.