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Occurred : 2/9/2000 20:30 (Entered as : 02/09/00 20:30)
Reported: 2/14/2000 10:00
Posted: 2/16/2000
Location: Ranger, TX
Shape: Light
Duration:1 minute
Brief stationary lights above horizon with not movement

I was heading southwest on Loop 254 out of Ranger. I noticed a pale yellow light about 10 degrees above the horizon. The light just appeared like a flare would for about two seconds. When the light faded another one appeared a few degrees to the left (east). The second light did the same as the first. It bightened then faded after about two seconds. Neither light appeared to move or have any vertical motion. Approximately thirty seconds later I exited the Loop onto I-20 and was then west bound. I noticed another of the light to the southwest of the previous light by approximately 20 to 30 degrees. The same happened with this light, when it faded immediately another appeared in the same fashion as the first set. I did not see any other lights after this. I also did not see any craft as the lights appeared to be more than a few miles distant. All the lights seemed to be at the same altitude. I have seen similar lights once in the past from Abilene TX to the south east towards Brownwood. I assumed then it was a flight of C-130's from Dyess AFB on a SKE route.

((NUFORC Query))

Dear Mr. ((deleted)),
> Thank you very much for the excellent report!
> Could I ask, were you aware of the radio reports I made last week of similar
lights over Florida, Arizona, and Oregon? Something very similar to what
you describe was seen in those three locations, although not over military
> Thanks again for sharing the information with our Center!
> Cordially,
> Peter Davenport
> --
> Peter B. Davenport, Director
> National UFO Reporting Center
> PO Box 45623
> University Station
> Seattle, WA 98145
> Hotline: 206-722-3000 (From 8AM to Midnight Pacific preferred)


Dear Mr. Davenport,

I was not aware of any radio reports. I did read of the report near
Coleman, TX after finding the reporting web page. I found it very
interesting that it is similar to what I saw. I do know that there are
many MOA's "military operation area's" in the direction of what I saw.