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Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/16/2000 21:30 (Entered as : 02/16/00 21:30)
Reported: 2/17/2000 00:29
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Rockford, IL
Shape: Circle
well thare wer eight balls of light almost like fire thay wher vary brite like a star. thay wher redish orang in coler & shine'd vary brite. when i first saw them thare wher four in formation almost forming a triangel. I would say thay wher about a half mile away and look't about three times the size of a star. I had just got off work I work at a retale store & my co workers & myself wher all going home when we saw this. When we came out of the store I herd one of them say (o my god what is that)when I saw them I was stund for a minit at ferst I thot it was one solid object when thay started changing formation I relized it was sevral objects. My co workers and me contiud to watch them chang formation for a minit or so trying to figure out what thay wher. Then a frend I work whith who always givs me a ride home sade lets try to follow them. we got in his car & started driving tords them. we then saw someone who works at anther store watching them. My frend rold down his window & ask't if he new what they wher. he had no idea ether so we kept driveing (west) tords them we wher jest staring at them trying to figure out wat thay wher. when we got to ware thay wher when we oringanly saw them thay wher about one mile sowth from that point. Now I think it took us about two to three minits to get to whare thay oringanly where. We started looking for a pay phone so we could get ahold of a frend who had a camcorder. so we stop't at a gas statoin only to relize thay did not have one as we wher geting back on the roud we wher looking at them from behined. so we cotinud to drive west when we saw four more folowing the same path of the first four. Now thees wher reely close we wher in shock for a minit. when thay starded to fly over us I stuk my head out the window & look't strate up at one it look't like a round cleer ball whith a intens light inside that seemd to fliker. When I put my head in the car I was compleetly speechlis & confusd we stop't at a store up the roud to use the pay phone outside at this point we wher now waching them from the north & thay wher still flying sowth. my frend ask't if I had 35 cents I sad ya & gave it to him. we wher still watching them as we use'd the pay phone ower frend whith the camcorder thot we wher crazy. As we wher trying to explane to ower frend what we wher seeing all 8 of the ball's of light wher no starting to slowly dim out and disapeer. ones thay all wher frend dropt me of at home. I am vary sorry about my tarribal speling & lak of detale but I think im still in shock over what i've just saw.