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Occurred : 2/8/2000 18:00 (Entered as : 2/8/00 1800)
Reported: 2/18/2000 14:22
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Glendale, CA
Shape: Disk
Duration:2 seconds
proceeding north on #2 FW in east Glendale. Noted lights to left and above. Turned head approx. 110 degrees. Noted classic saucer shaped object glowing a whitish green. Object was clearly defined as to shape and not distorted by light intensity. Ojbject appeared stationary. Estimate evelation - 4-5 thousand ft. Could not retain sight of object lor a longer period because of driving coniderations.

UFO Center - I have followed Mr.Davenport on Art Bell's show for years, but never expected to be writing such a report. Notably, I only consulted the Center's website last evening because I thought what I had seen on 2-8-00 was some form of elaborate prank. What was incredibly sobering for me, however, was 2-8 report from someone in North Hollywood California, of an object slowly moving east at 17:47. North Hollywood California is located approximately ten miles to the west of the location where my observation took place. Basically, it was dark and a storm was clearing. There was a modest amount of broken cloud cover to the west. I was heading north up the #2 freeway at approximately 65 mph. This location placed me about seven or eight air miles north of downtown Los Angeles and almost directly to the east of North Hollywood. This time night traffic monitoring helicopters and other aircraft are not uncommon overhead, but I noted enough light from three or four sources (I think at least one or or two of the other sources were aircraft) to turn and look 90 degrees to my left. Turning this far, I picked up a light source further to my left and then turned my head to near maximum. Doing such, I was visually able to scan an object perhaps 35 degrees above the horizon and 110 degrees to the left and west of the direction I was driving. I only maintain this object in my vision for perhaps two seconds before safety required a return to the roadway. I was unable to look again for another 30 seconds because of traffic considerations. However brief the observation time, the object observed was very clear. It was cleary disc or saucer-shaped. The sharpness of its features were not diminished by clouds or weather. Dimensions are difficult to estimate, but my best estimate would be from 60 to 80 feet in diameter and perhaps 20 feet high in the middle. The object glowed in a soft neon-type of manner and almost appeared transleuscent - - about the consistency of a jellyfish (!). Perhaps the best indicator of authenticity of my seeing this object was my immediate emotional reaction - laughter. I could not believe this object to be any type of "genuine" UFO - - After all, it was so obviously a "flying saucer" and over a large urban area during commuter time, with sufficiently good enough visibility for it to be easily seen from both the ground and from the air. I thought it to be a prank - an elaborate one, mind you - - cooked up by USC, UCLA or CAL TECH science students to measure societal reaction to such a blatantly obvious object. The fact is there is a good part of me that still feels it to be a prank and that the joke's on me. Approximately 3/4 of a mile north of where I observed the object, the #2 FW begins a straight-graded climb into the San Rafael Hills. When I reached this area I undid my safety belt and tried a couple of quick body turns in the seat. I saw lights, but nothing distinct. In retrospect, that I didn't pull over as soon as possible after the initial sighting is pretty much explained by my laughter - that this object was clearly and distinctly there is a fact - - that this sighting was also defined as a joke or a prank by me at the time is also true. Concluding comment. I am convinced that this object must have been seen by hundreds of people. -Those driving south on the #2 FW and down the grade would have been afforded an exceptional view when this object was in the location it was when seen by me. I made no special effort to monitor the local news for sighting or prank related information at the time. I'm inclined now to go back and do some checking. I admire the person who reported what was probably the same object - seen fifteen minutes earlier - in North Hollywood. Had that report not been earlier made and published by the Center, I would not be making this report at this time. I would certainly appreciate any additional information the comes to the Center on this matter.