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Occurred : 2/21/2000 18:00 (Entered as : 02/21/00 18:00)
Reported: 2/21/2000 23:07
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Lodi, CA
Shape: Other
Duration:2 seconds
Floating rod with 4 to 6 sequentially flashing lights appeared over freeway near an airport. Object was clearly seen but appeared and disappeared quickly.

Traveling north on Highway 99 north of Lodi, CA and while traveling adjacent to the local airport which is alongside and perpendicular to the west side of the highway I briefly saw a rod shaped object. It hung directly over the freeway above the treeline. Although there was nothing in the sky to compare it to, my sense was that the object was about 30 feet long and about one quarter of a mile away at an altitude of maybe 100 to 150 feet. What first attracted my attention was a series of 4 to 6 sequentially flashing bright white lights, with possibly one or two smaller non-flashing lights inbetween the flashing lights. The object seemed to be in fairly sharp focus and I could see a thin gray or black rod that the lights seemed to be mounted to. The rod was at an angle of about 60 degrees, like a clock arm pointing at the number 11. It did not appear to be moving. My first thought was that it was a plane approaching the airport, although if it was approaching from the north it would be perpendicular to the runway. This was quickly followed by the thought that it might be a radio tower with flashers on it, although as I said, it hung directly over the freeway. Then it just simply disappeared as though someone threw a switch. I couldn't believe it and kept staring at the spot in the sky where I saw it. It made me wonder if any of the other motorists saw it. The whole sighting lasted about 2 seconds. The sighting occurred just as the sun was setting and the sky was still light colored. There were no clouds in the sky in the area. I have traveled this route weekly for the last eight years and am very familiar with objects along the highway.