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Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/19/2000 23:45 (Entered as : 02/19/00 23:45-50 approximation of)
Reported: 2/24/2000 22:30
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Molson (East of), WA
Shape: Fireball
Duration:3 to 5 seconds
Bright white object traveled approx due east leaving a neon green, blue tail with red within it. Tail changed between green & blue and remained visible throughout flight. Approx 30-35 dgs above east horizon disappeared in cluster of short-lived red sparks.

Single object, circular or oblong, falling due east appeared to fall straight down probably due to moving from directly overhead away to the east. Object did nothing unusual other than be very bright and leave a luminescent tail that remained vivible throughout the flight. As the object approached the eastern horizon it disappeared in a shower of sparks, appearing to vaporize. Object appeared to move slowly compared with most meteorites which come and go in a flash. I was able to to shout to the other people with me who had time to turn and look out the window and see the object as well. The four observers were three adults and a high school junior. another person in the house didn't get to the window in time to see the object. The three adults are high school teachers from central Washington.