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Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/28/2000 20:05 (Entered as : 02/28/00 20.05)
Reported: 2/28/2000 14:53
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Andover, Hants (UK/England),
Shape: Disk
Duration:6 mins
Me, my brother and a friend were going out to meet two friends when i noticed a blinding light in the sky. It stayed bright for two minutes then faded in about 30 seconds. It then changed to red and green flashing lights. A plane came into view and got closer to the object. The object then rapidly accended. It then started moving diagonally upwards south east. It then stopped and began travelling vertically south east. As it reached the middle of the sky we noticed the object was saucer shapped and the lights were flashing alternately circular around the rim off the object. Shortly after the sighting of the shape it disappeared from sight.

My brother, a friend and I were arranging to meet two other friends in our village and so left our house at 8pm to meet them. We were walking down our round when i noticed a blinding bright yellow light in the sky, and it was much larger than any stars by a long way. So we stayed and watched it wondering what it could be. As it was not moving we assumed it may be a satellite reflecting the suns rays from space. After two minues the light faded completely and was now a set of green and red lights flahing alternately. We then noticed a plane coming towards the object. When the plane became closer to the object, the object rapidly accended upwards at an incredible speed. By now our two other friends had joined us and they too saw the object at this point. The object then accended diagonally upwards in the direction of south east. After 20 seconds of this diagonal accention the object began travelling horizontally at the height it had now reached. As it rapidly crossed the sky we had a clearer view of the object and it was saucer shaped and of dark grey colouring. We also noticed that the green and red flashing lights were totating in circular fashion around the rim of the object.The object was also enourmous compared to any other aircraft i had seen. Shortly after we noticed this about the object it disappeared from our view. This was now 8.11pm.