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Occurred : 2/26/2000 02:00 (Entered as : 02/26/00 02:00 am)
Reported: 2/28/2000 01:51
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Vandalia, OH
Shape: Light
Duration:2 hours,approx.
What at first appeared to be stars, were not. The UFO's (numbering at least 75 in number) had definitive patterns and actions.

Approx. 2am, my 19 year old daughter came running anxiously in to the house to tell me about 5 *crafts* that she originally thought were stars, until she watched them closely and they began to move; moving in a V pattern, until they stopped overhead (at a very high level). (My daughter is taking an Astronomy class in college this year, and is interested in "space".) I frankly didn't think a great deal about what she had told me, thinking they were probably planes from Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton, until I felt I should go take a look for myself; at which point I witnessed one of the most amazing unexplained events I've ever seen. From North/Northeast to South/Southwest, the *lights* came, one after the other. At times, the *lights* were in a V pattern (mostly consisting of 3 *lights* ~ sometimes 5). The V pattern *lights* were mostly in the middle of the huge number of *lights*, while the outside edges of the majority of the *lights* were lined with patterns of 2 *lights* ~ one closing following another, or running parallel to each other. At times, the outside *lights* appeared to be moving exceptionally rapidly, as though chasing one another; but could and did come to a complete halt at times, in mid-movement. The *lights* appeared to be quite high in altitude, although at times, we could see them move through the clouds, as a small airplane would do if flying at a lower level. Time and time again, 10 to 20 *lights* would move in this southerly fashion from the north, and stop directly overhead (over our home ~ my neck is still somewhat stiff from leaning my head back to watch them. I saw a UFO once before, up close and personal, during the daylight hours on the campus of the Univ. of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky, in 1973, which I have never forgotten, nor have seen anything like it since: immense cigar-shaped craft with 4 huge square windows of brightly colored flashing lights). Anyway, then as now, I never in my life witnessed anything like what my daughter, my husband and I saw several nights! ago. T hese *lights* could stop~completely at rest; other times they would *flash* a pale sea green color; at times, they'd flash and disappear, only to flash again in a few seconds (appeared as communication between 2 craft); there were 2 much larger *lights* which flashed different colors so swiftly (blue, green red) and they could turn very quickly (a 90 degree turn on a dime, so to speak). These *lights* just kept coming and coming over a 2 or so hour period...unreal. At one point, next to a group of 2 V shaped patterned lights, there appeared, as if through a cloud, a much larger object (possibly cylindrical?) ~ on which I could not make out a distinct pattern...flashing all colored lights at once ~ a mix of lights, not specific light colors at separate times. There wasn't any noise from these *lights*...completely silent. My husband witnessed these *lights*, and this man does NOT believe in easily in anything out of the ordinary. About these lights, he merely states "I'm not sure what I saw." This is the first time my daughter has ever witnessed anything like this, and when she first told me about what she had witnessed outdoors, she was startled and scared. After I went outdoors with her, she was exhilarated, and her fear calmed. Since my experience in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1973, I have never had any fear of UFO's. Note: My daughter and I checked a constellation map for February evenings, and these *lights* were in the area of what we believe to be the Orion Constellation ~ flying directly under it, and on either side of it.