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Occurred : 1/1/2000 01:00 (Entered as : 01.01.00 01:00)
Reported: 3/6/2000 05:19
Posted: 3/7/2000
Location: Zurich (Switzerland),
Shape: Light
Duration:20 min.
Large red orange light was seen traveling slowly over Zurich on New Year's Eve under a cloudy sky.

A red/orange light which appeared to shift between red and orange and which appeared much larger than an airplane light and much larger than Venus at it's brightest was seen moving slowly across the night sky of Zurich, Switzerland on New Year's Eve. The sky was completely overcast so it was clear the the object was not a star or anything in space. We were watching some fireworks in the distance so many of our eyes were turned skyward. I don't have any directions to give you at all but the light in the sky was there for about 10 minutes before it registered with me. I just thought that it was a super bright star but then after the fireworks stopped it hit me that the sky was completely clouded over and at that time I called it to the attention of my five friends. Nobody had any idea of what it could be and after about 10 more minutes the object started to slowly move over the city. Two of us had cameras but my friend with the digital camera had (wouldn't you believe it, just at this moment, just like in the movies!) technical problems and he was not able to get a shot. I was able to get off a few shots. I made sure that I got a building in the picture to aid in determining the distance and with luck a low flying airplane flew near the object so I was able to get the object, an airplane, and a building in one shot. The camera was just a little point and shoot model so the negatives are extremely underexposed. I don't know how much use they would be. It really just looks like a light with a dark background. The object moved out of my view after about twenty minutes. We heard no sounds coming from the object. I was wondering if anybody else reported this. It must have been seen by a lot of people because it was up there for so long and it was moving so slow. I would love to hear something from you. I can get images to you if you would like them. DC ((e-mail address deleted))