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Occurred : 3/4/2000 03:00 (Entered as : 03/04/2000 3.00)
Reported: 3/7/2000 07:05
Posted: 3/7/2000
Location: Kampung Gobek/Tanah Merah (Malaysia),
Shape: Sphere
ufo sighted by villagers and evidence of a landing site.

As reported in many local newspapers on March 6, 2000, some villagers were woken up from their sleep at about 3am on March 4, 2000, by the extremely bright light rays from a hovering object near their homes. The ligt rays were said to be yellow and green in colour. A villager said that he was woken by sounds of thunder outside and he went outside his house to see what it was. He saw an object emitting flashes of bright light like lightning hovering above a marshland. Several hours later, some villagers went to the field and saw a 'Y' shaped mark of size, 15 metres by 3 metres, and another crescent-shaped hollow of about 3 metres. The site is said to be in a village called Kampung Gobek in the northern state of Kelantan in West Malaysia. This reported sighting is in need of expert investigation.