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Occurred : 3/9/2000 21:20 (Entered as : 03-09-00 9:20 PM)
Reported: 3/9/2000 01:55
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Elmira, NY
Shape: Disk
Duration:25 seconds
I saw an object that seemed to Break the laws of aerodynamics and Physics. I have also included my first sighting in great detail.

At first I thought it was a plane because of the two bright head lights as it moved Northwest; however, it made an slow, short turn north-bound. It seemed to move slow north until it stoped. There were three colors of lights on base of the object. Two green lights, two red lights and one larger pulsating light at the center. The two green lights were perpendicular with the two red lights. I was driving down Clemens center parkway when I noticed the craft turning north bound while slowing down. It was on my left hand side about 40 feet in the air. It seemed to descend sightly. Then it stopped in mid air! It made no sound! I expected to hear helocopter or hovercraft engines, but I heard nothing! Even as I stopped at the light, still heard nothing. There were other small lights on the rim that gave it a disk-like shape. The wind was blowing quite hard from the North and yet it remained so still. You might have thought it was secured by a long tower base. It reminded me the of the CN Tower in Toronto, CANADA. I was intrigued how it seemed to break the laws of physics. After I had stopped the car at the light, the object began to move again northward. I wanted to turn left down fifth Street to follow it but the traffic light caught me. A police car was in the lane perpendicular to my lane so it did not behoove me to make a U-turn on yellow. Not realizing that there also was a police car behind me I backed my car up slightly since I just had missed the yellow light and tried to back my car up from the intersection. The Officer honked to make his presence known. As a result, I was unable to track down the object. As I hopelessly tried to quickly get on to Clemens center pkwy North-bound, I realized that I lost track of this stange phemnomena. This was my second sighting. My first sighting was an Iron-shaped object with a small pulsating blue light at tail tip of this a the top rear of the object. As I traveled down hoffman street in Elmira, October 1993 at 8:30 PM on a thursday, as my father and I were driving to Geroulds Pharmacy. I noticed the two bright heads lights from the distance. The object seemed to ascend from a distance as it appeared to come over a hill. As we were driving south bound I marverled at how slow this object seemed as it moved towards our car. Normally a plane would be faster. After parking in back of the westside Geroulds pharmacy my father went into the store to pickup his perscriptions. I got out of the Car to see this slow moving object pass by. The base of the object was trianglar and so metalic and shining that it reflected the Orange lights at the southern tier pedictric heath center. There was also a blue light at the two rear bottom corners of the object. There were no indentations where wheels might be dislodged, it was a completely flat mirror-like base. I'd say the vehihcle was about 7-feet long with small dark window sand moved no more than 15 miles per hour. This area was very well lite and I cound see every detail of this object. Another stricking feature of this object was that it had no wings. It was a dark gray color and gave off no emmissions. It literally looked like a flying iron without a handle. It flew just above the trees. It also made no sound. I pinched myself, and moved to different areas of the street to hear an echo of sound that might be ricorchete from buildings, yet I heard no sound at all. This craft was heading north-bound as I headed south. I have always been skeptical about UFO sightings. However, I have come to appreciate organizations who are familiar with this phenomenna. Now I do believe people who see these things are not inviting delusions. When I see airplanes, there some instances where they appear like flying saucers from certain angles. I was expecting a plane or helocopter, but saw objects that seemed to break the laws of aerodynamics. Nor did these objects resemble anything that I have ever seen. I am going to start keeping a camera or video camera in my car, once I can afford it.