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Occurred : 3/19/2000 09:05 (Entered as : 03/19/00 09:05 am)
Reported: 3/21/2000 15:41
Posted: 4/1/2000
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Shape: Oval
Duration:1 minute
white/silvery elliptical craft seen 45 degrees above horizon, due west, circling in the air rapidly before speeding off northwest.

About 9:05 am i saw what looked like a single white/silver object circling in the air due west and about 45 degrees off the horizon. This aircraft I presume to be circular or egg shaped since it appeared ovallike at that angle of viewing. It appeared to be at a high altitude since it was small and so I don't really know how big it might really be. This object moved in a tight circular pattern, presumably observing something. It moved incredibly rapidly from my vantage point, over 600 miles per hour or so. It turned too tightly and too fast to be any known type of jet of aircraft and did not leave any trails, which a jet would have, at that height. The craft did not make any perceivable type of noise and did not emit any other things. There were no other aircraft in the area. It repeated the same manuever for about a minute before very rapidly zooming off towards the northwest at an even higher rate of speed. Again it made no visible or audible marks and this puzzled me as to how an aircraft could travel(presumably)several times the speed of sound and not produce a sonic boom After disappearing no other objects like it were visible and i could see no other evidence of its presence. The weather in the sky was cloudless and still nor were there any smoke trails left by airlines anywhere in the sky on that morning. I saw the object for only a sort time and I have no idea how long it was in the sky or if any others were present earlier or later.