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Occurred : 05:00 (Entered as : Nov/Dec 05.00)
Reported: 3/19/2000 09:36
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Bodmin Moor, Caradon Hill, Cornwall (UK/England),
Shape: Light
3 Moving Lights - NO engine Sound, erratic non-linear hovering movements in the English countryside near Television mast. Objects also had a blinking light as if signalling each other, blinked only when another crafty had blinked. Lights were very low in the sky.

The time was about 05.00 am, on my way to work I have to travel from a small village 3 miles into a nearby town. I live near our local T.V. mast and it one day became suddenly common for fighter planes to be out at around this time. Now these fighters ( Our nearest RAF base is RAF St Mawgan, not far away) had sound travelling behind them, yet were not moving fast which I thought strange ( I know little about planes, but I always assumed travelling faster than sound means high speed and lots of noise!), but I enjoyed watching them so I began to specifically try to spot them every morning to kill the boredom of the walk. On several occasions I spotted lights that would suddenly appear out of nowhere and then speed across the sky and disappear in an instant. I guessed that maybe RAF St Mawgan had sent some planes out to patrol the area as maybe they were aware of such objects on their radars. But on two occassions I spotted these lights just hovering, totally silently, not far away and low in the sky. The first incident occured on Caradon Hill by the TV mast - a light moving and hovering not far from the tip of the aerial at about 05.00. I thought it a star at first but when I realised it was to low I watched it and the light moved about! I could not stay to watch too long because i would have been late to work. The second incident was under the same circumstances - on my way to work at 05.00 - it happened at 05.30, except this time they were near the main road that leads into the town of Liskeard. There were three silent lights this time, low in the sky, hardly moving and just signalling to each other. I would have watched further but somebody pulled over to give me a ride - I did not wish to mention the matter to them - so I left it. I have never seen any craft - just lights that either move or hover a little erratically low in the sky. The sky was clear - no cloud, stars clearly visible. I no longer live out that way, but I may one day camp out on the hill one evening just in case I get to see any more - it was quite incredible as I am unaware of any craft we have that is able to silently hover and move so erratically.