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Occurred : 3/27/2000 20:00 (Entered as : 03/27/00 20:00)
Reported: 3/28/2000 08:54
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Shape: Cigar
Duration:5 minutes
I saw the flying cigar! It was flying low, toward the north. It flew right over me. I watched it from the south and looked real closely at it because it appeared to have no wing lights,just lights at each end of the cigar shape, with a big expanse of darkness in between. It was so cool. A friend saw it too. It was NOT an jet, it made no noise, it was very large like a football field or two. Wow. No wing lights, I could draw a picture of it.

Lights at each end, white lights and little red ones flashing on and off. Long cigar shape, flying very low! Did other folks see this thing? It looked like it was headed for San Jose like the other aircraft that fly over, but then I could not see any wings so I don't think it landed at San Jose airport! It was flying much lower than the other aircraft. A jet that low would make a deafening sound but this did not. I am so excited! I reported a silver cylinder once, this was dark, not like a silvery object. I could not make out details of the under side, just that it was huge and dark greenish.