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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/12/1999 23:30 (Entered as : 11/12/99 23:30)
Reported: 4/5/2000 06:56
Posted: 4/15/2000
Location: Magnetic Island (QLD, Australia),
Shape: Light
Duration:10 mins
watching storm,thought a boat let out a flare,a red hovering light but the flare zig zagged then flew on angle, then flew straight behind cliff nearby, 5 mins later we turned around it was flashing,hovering on mountain in front of us.

We were watching an electrical storm from the beach, all the fishing trawlers were coming in to get away from it. A few minutes after the last of the boats seemed to be away from the storm, my friend said "look a flare" we thought a boat was in trouble, my friend who first spotted it said it came up from the water so we thought it was a flare. It was red, It stood still about 2 klms out to shore, it kind of sat there for about 30 seconds to 1 minute then did little zig zags then it went up on about 45 degree angle then flew a straight line until it went out of sight behind the nrth cliff of the beach yet it was still a fair distance away, the cliff just obstructed our view. We were excited as 2 of us believed in ufo's and the other 2 do/did not yet we could'nt explain anything that flew that way or at that speed. After about 5 mins of shaking excitment we decided to go back to our campsite as we got up and turned around, there it was only this time the red light was flashing on and off as it seemed to be resting on top of the mountain/hill approximately 600 metres in front of us, then we noticed it was not resting it was hovering and slowly ducking behind the mountain/hill as we screamed out in excitment to the 5th person in our party, funny enough it's haze could barely be seen once he joined us. He kind of riddiculed us but we were shaking uncontrollably so I guess he kind of believed our story. It even seemed as though it did'nt want him to see it cause the second he joined us you could barely make it out. We are no longer in contact with him anyway. The next morning my friend who did'nt believe in ufo's (which to me gives the story credability b'cause I know too much of these things to have u believe me, as my mother is an active speaker in this country on ufo phenomena and even regresses abductees) said "I had a dream about those aliens last night" I jokingly replied "then you were abducted b'cause abductions usually flash back as though it were a dream", what threw me is that she then said "then you were abducted too b'cause you were on board the ship with us" Well that gave me the chills and I asked her to tell me all about her dream.....which sounded to me like a classic abduction but I don't know if u r interested in that part of the story, but to me it's the most important cause she described things that I knew others had described in other abduction cases yet I was'nt the one that remembered it was the non believer who had no knowledge of abduction case histories. I was carefull not to feed her information as I have knowledge of people who are drama queens and make these things up. And I really wanted to hear if she spoke of things she had noway of knowing such as the appearance of the tall blonde female, who showed us writing that made no sense to us, on a board, yet we were shown this for some reason my friend said. She, my friend said the boys, (our boyfriends) were not with us it was just us 3 girls.