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Occurred : 3/22/2000 20:05 (Entered as : 03/22/00 8:05 p.m.)
Reported: 4/5/2000 08:11
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Lake Forest, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:5 minutes
Witnessed an amber/orange light silently fly over, stop for 3 minutes, moved again and stopped only to release 2 more smaller orange lights & then vanish.

My wife & I were taking our son & daughter to Chuck'E Cheese in Lake Forest to celebrate our son's 11th birthday. It was a little past 8 p.m. when I was driving south on El Toro road. I had to get gas first so I headed for the Arco gas station near the 5 freeway. One block before I pulled in I saw a bright orange ball/light slowly moving South East. I told my son to check out the light. I saw it because it was in front of me at about 200 feet up & 1/4 mile away & it was a clear night. I continued to glance at it until I got to the gas station. After I pulled in my son & I got out of the van & ran over to see it. My wife didn't care to see this. The orange light slowly drifted in the same direction over our heads & then stopped. At this time I was facing south. It was silent. The light stayed there for 3 minutes & started drifting to our right (south west) which placed it above the 5 freeway. At this time I was telling my wife to please see this & she wouldn't budge. The light stopped again & then it flickered & two smaller orange lights came out of it about 2 seconds apart. After this happened the light started to move away & then flickered out. It's as though it released some scout crafts & took off. When it disappeared it was like turning off a light bulb. A few minutes later I saw two military aircraft flying at top speed in the direction of the UFO. I figured that the UFO saw the military jets, launched some scouts & took off before they reached them. My son & I were very excited. This was an amazing event that took place. I knew this wasn't any craft that we have because it didn't have any other lights that are required for aircraft & it was silent. In 1987 while I was in Miami I remember seeing this same type of glowing orange light silently drifting south & when it was overhead it became brighter & then released four smaller orange lights which flew in a "V" formation with the brighter light in front. It continued flying until it was out of my sight. I use the words "light" or "ball" to describe! what wa s viewable. I would have loved to see the craft itself.