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Occurred : 4/6/2000 21:10 (Entered as : 04/06/00 21:10)
Reported: 4/6/2000 05:37
Posted: 4/15/2000
Location: Mackay (QLD, Australia),
Shape: Flash
Sky clear with little extremly high cloud Object sighting approx 30 mins white to gold un random light flashing movement slowly to very fast to slow then gradual to extreme speed then lost sight of object. wasnt satelite or weather balloon movement was to far all over the place for either of these.

1st saw object moving slowly from south to north at great altitude. Light flashing white to gold in non-random sequence. Position of object was at armlength a full handspan from tip of the southern cross system left. Movement slower than a satelite for approx 4 mins, accelerated movement to another handspan and a half (wobbling left to right zig zag)north moved to the upper right in a semicircle almost crossing previous path.After the turn which took fifteen mins travelled towards the southern cross between the two pointers and the top and left star of the cross then increaseing with great speed until I lost sight of it. No noise was asocciated with the sighting.The whole part of the sighting, the light fluctuation was totally all with no pattern.