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Occurred : 4/15/1999 02:30 (Entered as : 04/15/1999 2:30a.m.)
Reported: 4/7/2000 03:17
Posted: 1/26/2003
Location: Mexico City, D.F. (Mexico),
Shape: Sphere
Duration:21 minutes
I woke up with a sensation of dehydration and sweat and drank a glass of water feeling a need to open the windows curtain and I saw an sphere object that was circuling around, inmediately I wanted to see it with my telescope but I felt the need to filmed with my camera, which I did.When I activate it, the object began moving around with very fast movements as if it was drawing lines and numbers; I felt a communication, and at 9 minutes of filming, the camera shot down. 45seconds later it activate it again. After the object was not doing the same movements but instead was circuling around and becoming closer and also many times it unmaterialized slowly like if it was showing its power of unsmaterialization. 12 minutes later, it dissapeared. Phisically, after the event, i bagan to feel in my left lung, a sensation of elctrical shots frequently and when this was ocurring I was feeling the sensation of the experience that I lived. Many months later I woke up again with the need of watching the tape and while I was seeing the film, I stopped the image and saw creatures.Two months later, again I reviewed the film and this time I saw a female creature.