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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/10/1994 07:13 (Entered as : 11/10/94 07:13)
Reported: 4/10/2000 15:52
Posted: 2/25/2003
Location: San Antonio, TX
Shape: Circle
Duration:about 30 sec.
It was in the morning and this grey ball was floating in the sky.

I was waiting at the bus stop, and happened to look up in the sky and saw this grey ball floating. It was above the trees, not really high up, maybe like a high kite can go. It was perfectly round and was solid light grey exept for a thick band, almost like a belt, that went around it horizontally. This band looked like it was made out of metal, and it had round green and red lights on it. The craft slowly moved across the sky, and I lost it behind the apartment buildings. This whole thing lasted about 30 seconds, and was also seen by the other person at the bus stop. He didn't know what it was either. I know the date and time because I had researched this topic before and so documented it on my clipboard.