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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/1/1969 22:15 (Entered as : 07/01/69 2215)
Reported: 4/21/2000 23:54
Posted: 4/26/2000
Location: Chambers County (area of Al-Ga line), AL
Shape: Circle
Duration:05 minutes
Two hovering circles of light(s)/objects

This investigation was a joint MUFON of Georgia-ISUR (International Society for UFO Research) project. The interview and investigation was conducted by this writer on 4Jan98 while serving a Chief Field Investigator for MUFON of Georgia and as an ISUR FI. The two witnesses in this case were found to be middle aged parents living in Troup County Georgia. The couple have several grown children, one of which is a Police Officer with a major west Georgia police department. The couple maintain a very nice rural home, which is a focal point for their grandchildren and many neighborhood children. The witnesses go to great lengths to provide informal recreation in the form of various ball games for these grandchildren and others in the neighborhood. The husband had recently suffered a stroke which affected his speech somewhat, but seemingly not his thought processes. The wife is still employed by a major corporation in Troup County. During the summer of 1969, this couple was living in Freedonia Alabama, near the Georgia line, the state line being delineated by the Chattahoochee River running north-south. They were employed in nearby Lagrange Georgia on the 3rd shift at a major corporation. On the event night, they were enroute to work at about 10:15PM. Driving east toward the state line on Glassbridge Road, they had to cross two bridges very close together, the Weehatkee Bridge and the Chattahoochee Bridge. The Mrs. indicated that as they approached one of the bridges (she does not recall which one) they noticed a circle of lights hovering just over the tree tops at the edge of the water on the left (north) side of the roadway. Her husband stopped the car in the road in order to get a better view. She said that the light/object was about 25 to 30 yards away, at an estimated height of 40 or 50 feet. She added that the circle of light(s) appeared white in color and about the intensity of Christmas lights, the whole configuration being about the size of a china saucer held at arm's length. She recalled no dimming or blinking, but could not recall if there were individual lights or one solid unbroken light circle. She added that she did get the impression there was something solid and substantial behind the glow, even though there was no sound. After watching this hovering circle for a minute or so, a second identical circle/object appeared, possibly coming out from behind the first, and they hovered side by side. The Mrs. then picked up a large flashlight in the vehicle and reached across her husband and shined it directly toward the nearby objects (!). She indicated that the beam projected out, but seemed to 'get lost', as when you shine a flashlight straight up into the air and the beam disappears after going so far. Her husband knocked her hand down, telling her to stop (!!). At the same time, she noticed that the objects seemed to seperate a little bit as if from having the light shined on them. One object suddenly accelerated away over the top of the car to the south at a high rate of speed, and was immediately followed by the second (both still silent). She commented that they seemed to go from a hover to this high depature speed instantly, and she had never seen ANYTHING move that fast. She saw them quickly recede to the south, seeming to go upwards a little as they flew out of sight in just seconds. No human or EM effects were noticed. Witness did not recall the weather other than it was summer and not raining. An interview was also conducted with the husband, who had difficulty speaking due to his stroke. His personal account was similar to that of his wife with just enough difference to indicate the truth was being related i.e just a slightly different personal perspective was being accounted. He recalled a bluish tint to the glowing lights and felt that they followed more closely the direction of the roadway when leaving with the incredible burst of speed. Both witnesses were shocked by this event and had held it in for 29 years. Their home in Troup County is within a location known as the 'Troup-Heard UFO Corridor' due to the extreme number of UFO reports by reliable witnesses in recent years. The publicity generated by these reports convinced this couple that they would be taken seriously if a report was filed. (Note: The event site in this case is also in the same 'Troup-Heard Corridor', although the creation of West Point Lake in the 70's has done away with the bridges described above and obliterated many miles of river). Both witnesses seemed to be completely truthful with this FI and the various cognitive and kinesic interview techniques uncovered no inconsistancies or indications of deception. This couple is exactly what they appear to be; hard working and loving parents proud of their successful grown children and doting on their many grandchildren. (To quote the Mrs. "One thing we do right down here is raise kids!") Anyone with information relating to this case, or a similar case in the same area/time frame, can contact this investigator at>>>>><<<<< Tom Sheets, FSA Scot, State Director MUFONGA-ISUR Board