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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/14/2000 09:23 (Entered as : 01/14/00 9:23)
Reported: 5/4/2000 01:45
Posted: 12/2/2000
Location: York Mills/Leslie (over the intersections of) (Canada), ON
Shape: Cigar
Duration:5 miutes or so
Clear blue sky ,temperature -12 C . After leaving our garbage route for morning break, I noticed a bright lightin the sky to the east. First thought that it was a jet on approach to Pierson International A.P. Closer observation as we sat at the stop lights left us with no earthly explanation as to the object.

On the morning of January 14 2000,my partner and I witnessed a sighting over Toronto. At roughly 9:20 A.M. ,My partner and I decided to go for break. Northbound on Bayview Av.,we turned east on York Mills. Just after passing over the crest of the hill nearing Versaille cr.,I decided to have a little fun at my partner's expense. When I saw what I thought was a jet on approach to Pierson International,I said hey I just got beamed in the eyes by a ufo. The object then "deluminated" and re-appeared all within the time of two seconds or so. The smile droppped when I realized the light had not changed position. As a blue collar pilot and by necessity trained observer,I began to go through ALL the posibilties as to what it might have been.

Second, though was it could have been a planet ,but no ,any visible planet would have been behind and to my right and not visible this late in the morning due to light pollution from the sun. Third thought was the most likely ...helicopter...but no rotor was seen . Lastly and possibly a Harrier jet on manuevers,...the afternoon before, I saw a military chopper hover over roughly the same area. Fortunately,we were able to be stationary ourselves long enough while waiting for the light to change at York Mills/Leslie to make out it's altitude(roughly 1000ft AGL) and it's shape . It was cigar shaped I'd hazzard to say 20' long and 3' wide at it's widest and shimmering(like mirrage on a road)but only close to it's skin ,if you can call it that. There were no control surfaces whatsoever ,although bright ,it was more like the reflection of the sun off a mirror than anything else. I had noticed a light aircraft approach it then veer off to the north back toward buttonville airport . I hope someone there can corroborate the sighting, from or pireps atc... After the light changed in our favour,we proceeded through the intersection to turn right into the parking lot of the Coutry Style donut shop. Just before I jumped out of the truck to get a better look,I thought to myself "I'd really like to see this baby move out"and as my face was pressed against the glass it moved ,but just before it did,the shimmer effect around the craft inceased then three puffs of what appeared to be steam were expelled in smoke rings from what may have been the anterior end of the craft. Three puffs each larger than the other took a shape simmilar to that of a torche flame when ajusted to form the cone in a cone. What I thought kind of odd was the lack of vapor trail,I've watched jetstake off and they've always left a dark vapor trail. This thing didn't! It was at this time that I took advantage of a slow moving truck to jump out. Unfortunately ,I didn't get to see it in full flight before re-spotting it N.W. of my present postion. The Last I saw of it was somewhere in the neighborhood of the HWY.401/Bayview. Since then ,we've been keeping my eyes to the sky more often. P.S...Roger's Cable transmiters and recievers are located just across the street from the sighting..Hmmm...coincidence?