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Occurred : 5/14/2000 17:00 (Entered as : 5-14-2000 1700)
Reported: 5/14/2000 22:51
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Millston, WI
Shape: Disk
Duration:30 seconds
I was traveling down us highway 12 near Millston Wi. Car Suddenly killed and I had to coast to a stop. Car refused to start. I got out to lift up the hood. I heard a sound coming down the road from the east. I looked and it was a disk shape object that looked like a huge top spinning on the road. I ran inside my car and looked at it and it suddenly became airborne. It shot sraight up. It did this at about 75 yards from my car. It scared the living hell out of me. I did not tell anyone because they would not beleive me. I will never travel this road again .I had to report this to someone and I thought this was the best place. Also object made a humming sound as it traveled on the road.

((NUFORC Note: Anonymous report. We would like to correspond or speak with the individual who submitted the report. PD))