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Occurred : 8/20/1995 11:30 (Entered as : aug/20/95 11:30-12:15)
Reported: 5/16/2000 14:43
Posted: 6/6/2000
Location: Cantwell (80 miles east of); Clearwater Mtns., AK
Shape: Circle
Duration:45 min.
an object in the sky- - just hovering there with a big light on top and bottom.

my hunting buddy and i was on our fall moose hunting .whail glassing the mountains for moose - i saw a lot of ravens flying on top of a mountain - - so i wonder why- - upon glassing over to them i noticed that something was laying on the ground up there and i thought that it was a dead bear it was far away.- - long stroy short - - i climbed the mountain - - and when i got there it was three dead caribou there .- - -so i started to investigate the seen - - the caribou was lying in about a 50 foot radius- - and two of them was lying on some rock out-cropings - - it was rock - like round pillows that just rose up severial feet above the ground - - -interested i just sat there and thought about how those caribou got there - - - the only conclusion that i could come up with was that the caribou was dropped form above - - there was no sign of predator attacks or any thing like that- - - so it is getting late and i came down from the mountain- - that night at camp was when we saw the hovering craft- - watched it for 45- min and started to go to sleep when it just blinked out- - i jumped up out of my sleeping bag and started looking all around and a few seconds later i saw that light go form one mountain range to another - - the distance was about 30 miles and it cover that distance in no more than 2 seconds- - -ok that is where i thought that the story ended- - - when i got back to town a few days later i discovered that a professor (biology of univercity of alaska was just so happen to be flying aroung the brooks range and spotted a herd of dead moose in a drainage area of the brooks range- - and upon investigating and testing samples form the dead moose they concluded that the moose just died - - there was no evidence of preditory action are any disease- - and the state closed the area to hunting moose- - i believe that the alien craft was abducting arctic animals for testing and then when they was finished with them just dropped them - - these plaves that i have told you about is pure wilderness there is no one l iving near any of these places - - if you would like to call me for more information - - my name is ((personal information deleted))