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Occurred : (Entered as : 10-97-2-98 dark)
Reported: 5/21/2000 00:05
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Henderson, NC
Shape: Diamond
these things are everywhere around here!!!

a friend and i were going to a friends house out in the gillburg community and just happened to be talking about ufo's. my friend stopped at the top of the long driveway which went in between 2 tobacco fields to relieve himself. all of a sudden he starts yelling for me to look outside the car at the sky. what we saw was what looked like a bright star to the left of the driveway. it sat there bobbing around for a few seconds, then stopped.then it shot off atan incalculable speedto thenorth towards henderson. we then proceeded down the driveway to the house dumbfounded and amazed by what we had just seen. when we got out of the car we looked up at the opposite side of the driveway and saw 3 more objects. these objects were nowhere near where we saw the 1st one.they also stayed in one area. they were making eratic maneuvers. they would go up and down,diagonally, spiral. no human could have withstood tne g-force exerted by the craft.i went in to the house and got the girl who lived there along w/ her 7 yr old son and they witnessed the same thing. i was so amazed that i went next door to a guys house i didn't even know and showed it to him. he was just as amazed as we were.we watched them for awhile and went inside. they were still there 30 min. later when we came out. this isn't the only encounter i have had w/ these objects but it is the only time i have seen more than 1 at the time. i don't know what is going on around here. i'm not the only one seeing this. other people are seeing it too. its just that people around here don't report stuff like that. that isn't the only encounter i've had hereeither. i've encountered other types of objects that i will write in about later.sometimes , me and a friend will go out on clear nights and look for them. we almost never come home dissapointed. if someone else in this area or anywhere has seen anything similar, e- mail me and tell me about it at ((e-address deleted)). i would love to hear your story.