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Occurred : (Entered as : 09?/?/1975)
Reported: 6/1/2000 01:10
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Oscoda, MI
Shape: Unknown
Duration:2-3 min
Funny flashing lights that hovered then just dashed up into the sky, near Oscoda in the late summer of 1975.

I was 7 at the time and this is the best I can recall--sorry for the poor answers. I was camping with my indian guide group at a YMCA camp near Oscoda Michigan. I think the camp was called camp oeasa (I am not sure how it is spelled). There were about 15 kids and about half as many adults. most of the adults had gone to sleep, but there were at least one or two on night watch, to keep us kids out of trouble. We were all in sleeping bags around a camp fire, lying on our backs when I remember seeing a string for flashing lights hovering in the sky, then just shoot up into the stars after about a minute of so. I do not remember if I saw it and started talking about it, or if someone else noticed it and I looked up. I remember joking about it with the ohter kids. It was very strange! It looked just like a funny string of very funny looking Christmas tree lights flashing. It was so long ago that I can not even guess how far away, how big, etc... What ever it was, it did not make any sound that I can recall. There is a near by Air base and I remember wondering if it was something from there, but I do not know of anything that could have come from Oscoda that might look and behave like that. But then again who knows? It is worth reporting anyhow.