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Occurred : 6/3/2000 22:30 (Entered as : 06/03/00 22:30)
Reported: 6/3/2000 00:26
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Cranberry Township, PA
Shape: Circle
Duration:2-3 seconds
Ball of white light seen traveling at low altitude

At around 10:30 PM I was out on my back deck facing the north. At this time I noticed a very bright white light sped into the area at relatively low altitude traveling roughly east to west from my vantage point. Estimated distance from the object to me was around a mile. The light sped into view from behind a row of trees at a fairly fast clip, intensified slightly in brightness as it reached a due-north angle from me, and then its flight curved to the right during the last second of the event and quickly faded from view. The light itself was a steady bright white circular shaped light that was slightly bigger than a pencil eraser held at arms length. I did not notice any sound or "tail" coming from behind the object. The light traveled about 10-15 degrees above the horizon and judging it's relative brightness I figure it was at a fairly low altitude 3,000 to maybe 5,000 feet AGL. Speed was a bit harder to judge, although it was traveling much faster than the commercial air traffic that routinely fly over my area into Pittsburgh Int'l, albeit at a much higher altitude. A rough guestimate would be around 500-600 mph, maybe more. Total duration of the sighting was a little less than 3 seconds. I've taken a few flight lessons and have 25 hrs credit (1 hr solo), and from what I saw it was traveling much too fast to be a plane at any altitude. It also didn't travel quite as fast to be a meteor not to mention I saw no visible tail and it curved to the right noticeably during the last split second it was viewable to me. The sky conditions were clear with a 55 degree temp, no thunderstorms anywhere near the area.