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Occurred : 12/31/1999 23:50 (Entered as : 12/31/99 23;50)
Reported: 6/27/2000 07:06
Posted: 7/11/2000
Location: Gold Coast (QLD, Australia),
Shape: Light
australia newyears eve , three brights stars spinning in the night sky above the goldcoast , ufos wanted join the celebration

time- 12;50 , date- 31/12/99 , place goldcoast-queensland-australia . we were celerbrating in the new year in our friends diner . then it was time to go outside to watch the fireworks which would be set off at midnight 2000. with ten minutes to spare ,non-drinker for life and always an amature scientist I proceeded to look up into the clear summer night and observe the beautiful night sky. directly above our position was what appeared to me to be two white stars of magnitude of 2 in size , evenly rotating clockwise and parallel around each other. I observed this for five seconds , making sure it was not any fireworks fired too early, navigational lights of light aircraft in the area at the time , or any thing natural that could produce such an effect. Once I knew what I was looking at I called the attention of my five friends , two-fifty year olds , and three twenty year olds . As they looked directly above they also saw exactly what I was seeing for two more rotations that lasted for three second. Then the two obects broke formation and travelled in opposite directions , the object on the left slowed down coming to a stand still staying the same size and brightness. But the object on the right appeared to accend in alttitude reducing in size and brightness to a star of magnitude 5 , then pairing up with a third object of identical size and brightness . These two objects then performed the same manuver of rotating clockwise for about five seconds then broke formation in opposite directions to slowly come to a halt in what I would call a slighly off center triangle . The first object forming the peak and the two smaller objects forming the base. they made their stationary positions about a hand spand below the constellation of orion .We were all stunned and excited at the same time , as it appears we must have been the only people on that block in the street to have seen anything , hard to believe a city of 100.000 people and not one comment in the next days news or papers. I stayed outside on the ground watching the statinary points of light for one and a half hours before realising that they had positioned themselves into existing star positions and I had no way of knowing if they were still holding position or if they had allready accended to an even higher alttitude and departed.