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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/2/1999 12:00 (Entered as : 7-2-99 midday)
Reported: 6/25/2000 21:28
Posted: 7/11/2000
Location: St. Paul, MN
Shape: Other
Duration:5-10 seconds
I ran across your web site and will relate my experience, I was driving to the post office with my monthly mail and this would usually be on the 2nd of the month in midsummer of 1999. I was driving west on Minnehaha ave on the east side of St. Paul and suddenly straight down the middle of the road about 25 to 30 degrees up and about a half mile away was this bright aluminum colored object.I watched it for the length of time it took me to drive a city block or so, when I had to take my eyes off of it because I was meeting another car coming towards me, this was only a couple of seconds and when I looked up to look at it again, it was gone. The object was a bright aluminum color with a domed shaped top and a flat bottom. It was about twice as high as the diameter and was in the shape of a cylinder. The sides were not smooth, there were vertical lines running from bottom to top that seemed to be there to give the structure strength.Size, about 40-50 feet high and 20-25 feet in diameter.