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Sighting Report
Occurred : 15:00 (Entered as : 00/00/1994 15:00)
Reported: 7/9/2000 06:57
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: El Paso/Ciudad Juarez (Mexico), TX
Shape: Sphere
Duration:05 minutes
Big, crazy, spinning eyeball tumble-weeding along at warp-speed.

This was a big, white sphere with a black spot on one side rotating counterclockwise. It looked like a spinning eyeball tumbling through the sky faster than any airplane I've ever seen. It also "fuzzed" in and out of focus while we watched it, ranging in clarity from hard/shiny like a silver christmas ornament to soft/fuzzy like a white cotton ball. It was also impossible to guess how big this thing was or how far away. A Sunday afternoon when the freeways were full of people going home after a day out at the malls or wherever. We were heading east from downtown and were just going over that big spaghetti bowl where the I-10 jacks into that freeway headed towards the Army base, starting to go north along the east side of the mountain. I thought at first it was one of those plastic grocery bags being whipped along in a real high thermal, thinking it was going real fast for that. Then I saw it was big, shiny, solid, tumbling, real high, supersonic speed. Wait: small, fuzzy, soft, close. Hold on, it keeps changing! What the hell is that thing? Like a big, crazy, weird, spinning eyeball. It's really moving on, too. I hope it's one of ours. It's almost out of town, it's gone. Take me to the crazy house cause I'm hallucinating. It either popped like a balloon or got shot out of here like a rock in a slingshot. Maybe straight up or at a slant up and north over White Sands, hundred-thousand mile-an-hour. Somebody tell me what the hell that was! I still wouldn't believe to this day I had really seen something like that except that there were four other people in the car who saw it, and doubtless thousands of others in the thousands of other cars on the road with us. Also, the Nasa T-38's at El Paso International Airport, the ones that escort the shuttle in on its piggyback ride when it lands in California, they were circling around the airport like a bunch of buzzards because what they had gone up to chase was long gone. To top it all off, the driver of the car was a retired Army lifer with all kinds of spooky top-secret clearances for his job he had for years on White Sands Missile Range. We'd just finished a 3-week running debate about UFO's a couple days before this. He described his job, his clearances, and how he'd seen everything there was to see "out there. And there ain't no such a thing as no little green men!" He had me convinced for the first time in my life, and kind of depressed at the idea that maybe we really are alone in the universe. I'm glad it only lasted three or four days. He was asking me over and over "What is that?What is that?" When it was gone, I had to rib him: "You tell me, Mr.Top-Secret Man. It was something, you wouldn't ask what it was if you hadn't seen it, an Object! You gotta admit it was Flying awful god**** fast. And until you tell me what it was, (cause you know about everything and I'll take your expert word on it), it was Unidentified! A UFO." I think he's still mad at me for that, and still won't admit it was a UFO. But I saw the damn thing, Nasa saw it, everybody on the freeway saw it, and probably everybody in Juarez, too. They can't go on saying millions of us are just crazy or stupid forever. So I'm sticking to my guns, and I'm never gonna shut up about it, and I'll never stop trying to find out what it was. It changed the way I understand reality forever. I don't know about the UFO's other people have seen, I only know "mine". Just give me "mine" and I'll be happy and go away quiet, dammit. Until then, you organized UFO people keep up the good fight, I'm with you all the way. And help me find "mine" if you get time.