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Occurred : 7/14/2000 23:30 (Entered as : 7/14/00 11:30p.m)
Reported: 7/28/2000 00:51
Posted: 7/29/2000
Location: Thibodaux, LA
Shape: Fireball
Riding in my uncles boat we saw a dome shape craft that flew at tree level, it was orange and accasionally changed white.

It was approximately 11:30p.m., the night of June 14th, 2000. I was riding with my uncle in his boat. We were catching lizards and snakes in the swamp, people buy them. My uncle is 49, he always told me about the lights we saw floating over the water i never believed him ;this is something you would have to see to believe. i have my eyes in the sky like always, when he grabbed my arm, he had his finger on his lip and pointed into the sky. there i saw what appeared to be orions belt at the time:it was so far away. It approached and i was scared, it looked like it was doing about 35mph over the treeline, it stoppedon top the trees about 300 yds away it made no noise. I take 8 pictures over the whole time. My uncle shines his light at the orange orb which is about 20ft wide, it flashed and took off at super sonic spead. From then we saw it oune an hour. The second time we saw it ,its color changed white and it was flying under a jet plane, then it paused in the air then shot off into the sky.

An hour later it reappears and it was flaoting right over the water coming staight for us, my uncle patled the boat near the bank and we hid under some shrubery. We saw it again about an hour after that this time it paused over the trees, my uncle shined his light at it and it shot off into the sky and that was the last time we saw it. It is well known in Louisiana that the Navy Seals do survival training oin the swamps. My oter uncle told me about one time he saw twelve Black Helecopters fly over the trees. he is not informed on Conspiracy Topics, so thats how I Know hes not lieing. Who knows what this was maybe it was a Black Project or maybe Exterterestrial Life, but I do know the craft was smart enough to leave when it saw the light.

Last I forgot to mention is it flashed like a strobe light and it was dome shaped.

((NUFORC Note: This report is from a source that chose to remain anonymous.))