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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/15/1978 22:30 (Entered as : 09/15/78 2230)
Reported: 8/9/2000 04:13
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Edmundston (Canada), NB
Shape: Disk
After witnessing a ufo, with my family, I beleive that my mother and myself were abducted the next night.

II was the first to notice the dim orange light in the back feilf behind our house. I noticed it thru the bathroom window. The light was bright but dim all at once....The disk seemed to just float in space at about 100 feet from the ground. It that point I yelled at my father to come over and look at the light. Mysister was also there. Then my father went outside to get a closer look... He rushed in and called the local police...The police officers came over.They preceeded to take pictures of the craft. From that point on I cannot remeber much from this encounter. But not long after this, the neighbour had a barn about 500 yards from my parents house. One nite we awoke to this loud rucuss coming from the barn, you could hear the cows going crazy...making such a loud noise...something quite unnatural . That same nite, i remember this experience in every minute details....I awoke later that night, i cried out to my father to get me a glass of water....he got up and i followed him into the kitchen.As we are walking down the hall I could smell an odd smell; you could smell something like smoke and mildew but with a sweetness to it. Asmell i've yet to ever experience again. So my father was about ten feet ahead of me, I was walking behind him, when i got to the edge of the hall I noticed soemthing behind me....A small figure about 4 feet high a grayish, greensich color with no visible eyes, ears mouth, or nose. I t had some sort of bag that it threw over me.. The last thing I remeber is the look on my fathers face. He could not move, he was frozen in mid movement, but the look on his face was shear terror. Then after wards I remember waking up. Nothing strange,nothing different. I only seemed to remeber this event about ten years ago...nothing traumatic or special happened at that time in my life. i just remembered. After I told my parent about this story, my father thaught i was going insane.....but my mother seemed to beleive me. After wards she took me aside, and admitted to me that she has seen the craft that nite, in the back feild. She remebers seeing it lanf and seeing people come out of the craft. She does not remember that much about the event. But she distinctivley remebers the event happenning on the same nite .