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Occurred : 8/21/2000 21:20 (Entered as : 8/21/00 21:20)
Reported: 8/21/2000 22:12
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Camas, WA
Shape: Sphere
A small light zigzaging and hovering then stopped and disappeared over southwest Washington.

My friend and I where out looking for sattilites when we both saw a round yellowish white light. It flew southeast then took a sharp V like turn to the Northeast. Then it zigzagged across the sky then stopped and hovered for about 1 minute. We could see no other lights on port or starboard side. Then it moved in a zigzag pattern again East Northeast for approx. 20 seconds, hovered again, And then it seemed like it shut off its lights and was no longer visable. The observers have never seen or reported a sighting before.