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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/19/2000 23:00 (Entered as : 08/19/00 23:00)
Reported: 8/21/2000 23:54
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Lake Havasu, AZ
Shape: Other
Duration:3 1/2 hours
Black Tent

This file is public information and available for immediate download at: ((URL deleted)) --- On Saturday August 19, my girlfriend ((name deleted)) and I drove into Lake Havasu State Park to find a campsite for the night. The past week on our vacation we had been car camping and traveling from our home in San Diego to El Paso Texas, North to Albuquerque, West for two nights and one day at the Grand Canyon and back to San Diego. Lake Havasu was hot. So hot, that night I could not go inside the tent with ((name deleted)), but layed on a picnic bench on our campsite with only a pair of swim trunks on. The picnic bench had a metal top with holes, coated with a thick lacquer. I woke after some time and noticed a large black tent not more than 20 feet from me. I layed on the bench with my eyes half open wondering how someone could have set up this tent without waking me. As I layed there I was aware of quite a lot of activity around me, and in the area. Around dusk another group had set up their camp several sites distance from us, so I assumed they were just a bunch of happy campers milling around the area. At least they were not playing music or talking, or ((name deleted)) would be having a fit. The tent was black. So black, I would call it theatre black. I was thirsty so I woke a little more, sat on the bench facing the tent and puzzled over it. It stood approximately 20 feet tall. The top came together in a pyramid, tight woven fishnet, high tech material. The base was approximately 30 feet square, the sides were not vertical, so the top was a ten foot pyramid with a 30 foot base. I walked over to my car and opened the hatch to get a plastic gallon jug of water. I took a long drink of the hot water, as much as I could stand, and closed the hatch. I figured I had woken my girlfriend in our tent a few feet from the car, so I asked her if she was awake. She did not reply. I figured she was giving me the silent treatment because she was ((angry)). She had been complaining about all the noise in the area, and earlier woke me when she said I was playing my radio. It was someone on a boat on the lake, so I told her so and went back to sleep. There was a lot of activity around me although I couldn't see anyone. At night I carry a flashlight. Near a bush where I heard footsteps, I shined the light on it. I saw nothing and the movement stopped. Someone might ask, "weren't you afraid?" For some reason I wasn't. Camping in remote areas can get kind of spooky at night, thinking you are hearing something outside the tent. I tend to feel a little more secure in state campgrounds. I have night vision and a gun. Both were in the tent. But because of my girlfriends bitchy attitude I didn't go in our tent, risking waking her. I wanted to walk nearer the large black tent, but I am cautious about respecting other people's camp. I moved around our area to get a better view of it, the entire time sensing movement and hearing footsteps in the hard gravel. I went back to the park bench and layed down on to as I did before. Soon I was asleep. I woke again. The tent was still there, the same activity near us. I asked Mary if she was awake and I saw her flashlight in our tent. I knew she had looked at her watch, so I asked her what time it was. She said it was 1:30. The park bench was very uncomfortable and it seemed to be a little cooler. I thought it might be cool enough to sleep in our tent now, so I opened it and went in, layed down on our air mattress and went to sleep thinking I would wake early to get a better look at the large black tent at the campsite across from ours. I awoke just as the eastern horizon was lightening. This time of year, it gets bearable at about 3 am. However I swear I can feel the heat coming on about 15 minutes before sunrise. I woke my girlfriend and she agreed we would break camp. I opened our tent. The large black tent was gone. The camp area was silent. As we were tearing down our campsite and packing my car, I told her of the tent and the activity. She agreed there was a lot of activity in the area, so much that she had put earplugs so she could sleep, yet we heard no talking or music in the campground. We both walked onto the campsite where the black tent was. I wanted to verify the site was large enough for a tent the size I had seen. It was. We searched for impressions in the hard gravel, although the gravel was so hard you could park a loaded semi truck on the site without leaving an impression. We saw no evidence. --- East of Gallup New Mexico is a natural formation called Church Rock. There is a state campground there, Red Rock State Park. We hiked as close as we could get to the Church Rock formation, and as we were returning to our campsite we came across this interesting footprint: ((URL deleted))