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Occurred : 8/21/2000 22:50 (Entered as : 08/21/00 22:50)
Reported: 8/22/2000 12:30
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Federal Way, WA
Shape: Other
Duration:until 1:00 am
08/21/00- My husband and I saw an object that defies earths current technological abilities moving through the night sky near Seattle.

I was going to bed at 10:50pm Monday night when I looked out the window at the sky. I saw a very bright shimmering light that was heading directly toward me. We live in a landing pattern path for Sea-Tac so I assumed it was a plane coming in for the final approach. I left the room for a couple of minutes and when I came back the light was still in the same place and there were colored lights flashing all around its perimeter. I have never seen a plane do that, or look like that so I got the binoculars for a closer look. There was a dark object that had a shape similar to an airplane but was rounder in the center, with a big " wing " span. The colored lights were very bright and seemed to be flashing in a random manner. It was still in the same place. At this point I awoke my husband and told him to look. He did and was as amazed as I was. It was no plane. It was no star. It was a craft of some sort and it was right in front of us! He watched it for several minutes and had to return to bed for a early rising hour. I continued to watch with and without the binoculars. The craft had indeed moved but so slowly you couldn't detect it. I had placed its position at the top of a tree that stands below our house when I first saw it. When my husband went back to bed a little after 11, it had moved slightly upward in a north easterly direction. By this time I had decided that I was watching a ufo and that I would watch it for as long as it took for it to do something. I drew a rough diagram of the dark shape that I saw, wrote down the colors of the lights and continued the watching until 1:00am. The craft had moved upward at about a 40-45 degree angle in a north easterly direction until the last hour when it seemed to shift its heading to a more southerly direction. At that time the eave of the roof got in the way so I went to bed. The craft had 9 lights. One in the center, larger than the other 8. That light flashed from bright blue to a silvery white. The lights that would have been on the " wing " tips if it were a plane also flashed the blue and silvery color. The remainder of the lights flashed a rusty orange, silvery white. The flashing was random to the eye. There was a distinct strobing effect every 1/2 second or so that was a pale electric blue. The strobe was only visible through the binoculars, but was visible from the closest point to the furtherest point. I am snail-mailing my drawing of the shape within the lights for your perusal. Thanks for your time. ((name deleted))

((NUFORC Note: The report seems to us to be both sincere and well prepared. We do not understand how an "object" can be either in, or near, an airport Terminal Control Area, which Sea-Tac has, and the airport apparently continues to function normally. We would have guessed that the report had been caused by a "twinkling" star, but it apparently moved in the wrong direction in the course of the night. We also do not understand why a witness would look at something as bizarre as this object was, and not get a photograph, call the press or television, call out neighbors, etc., all of which is absent from the report. We do not know what the witnesses observed last night! PD))