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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/21/2000 (Entered as : 8/21/00)
Reported: 8/26/2000 10:24
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Fayetteville, NC
Shape: Unknown
Duration:about a minute
report in north carolina and a similar report in south carolina

I was on the phone talking to my girlfriend and i had look out the window, to see if there was something out side. and i looked up and saw a bright light i couldnt make out the object or what ever it was. but i know for a fact it seem pretty advance to travel fast and then slow down and stop then speed up and slow down again. it stayed bright for about 30 seconds. and when it was bright it was moving pretty damn fast. and my house is positions north and it was about 4 degrees north or so. it was around 10:40 or 11 something or so but it was heading at a fast speed and then it just disappeared. but it more of faded out like a star or something or a light dimiming or something and while it was dimming it slowed down and after that i didnt see anything else . i told my girlfriend when i was on the phone and she said that maybe the secret base near by may be doing some kind of test flight or something i didnt hear anything that night and it didnt make a sound . there are 2 military bases near by one everyone knows and one is secret. but my mom told me that someone else had reported a bright light not to far from our house and that sighting was in 1997. and also my grand uncle had the same incident before just like what i saw and my mom told me his whole story. but his sighting was in south carolina near manning and summerton. and when he saw the light he pulled his truck over and got out and look at it. and my mom said when he told her when the light came close it had got too close to where his truck was so he started the truck up and tryed to get to my grandpa's house and the light followed him closer and closer.and when my granduncle made it to my grandpa's house he jump in the bushes near the porch and my grandpa came out the door and he saw the light also but it faded like a start before he could of goten a good look at it. my granduncle told my grandpa everything and my grandma thought he was lying b/c he was drunk but my grandpa saw the light but ! didnt g et a good look. my grandpa believes my granduncle b/c when every he see something he's not going to lie about it and plus when or when he ever gets drunk he talks about all the things that happens but he didnt barely drink anything at that time he wasnt even tipsy. my mom told me every thing that happen that night and she was listening to everything. but anyway i'm 16 and i believe that theres something going on out there. next time i'm going to have a camcorder ready