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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/1/1990 23:00 (Entered as : 01/01/90 23:00)
Reported: 9/11/2000 10:19
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: , NV
Shape: Unknown
Duration:3 Hours
2 more witnesses for that UFO siting that was on tv showing the 'V' Shape formation where 1 disappeared at a time behind the mountain.

Hello, I know 2 people who have, in my opinion, more information to that UFO sitting that was on tv. The one where there were many small ufo's that formed a 'v' shape. Remember? Some people thought it was flares. Then they each slowly disappeared behind the mountain they said. 1 of the people is in my friends band. They had a party Saturday night, and I was talking to this guy who was friends with the person in the band. He told me a lot of stuff I can't remember. What I do remember is this. He said he went on a trip with S((name deleted)) (The person in my friends band) and they were sitting out in the desert on private property called 'claims'. He said him and S((name deleted)) were writing songs by a camp fire they lit out in the middle of knowwhere. I forgot S((name deleted)) friends name, but S((name deleted)) friend looked up and saw many lights just above them. He told S((name deleted)), "S((name deleted)), look up and tell me what you see" and S((name deleted)) was surprised as well. Cool thing is, S((name deleted)) friend says they have this all on their cassette tape because they were recording song ideas at the time. I rememeber S((name deleted)) friend saying that there were many lights that were fairly close to them. He said he could of shot them with a 30 od 6 rifle. He said each light was zooming from one place to another at too high of a speed for a person to handle. The 'G' force would be too great for a person he said. Then he said all the small lights formed a 'V' shape and took off towards, I forget what state or mountains he mentioned, but I bet it was the same place where everyone on tv mentioned they saw it. So to round this whole thing up. I think these 2 guys have more information to add to that event. I think they saw the UFO's before everyone else. I personally believe them from talking with S((name deleted)) friend. He had know reason to lye about this. I was the one who said that they should call someone and report this because from the show I watched on this event, they never mentioned individual UFO's that formed the 'V' shape were on their own at first and zoomed around at great speed, then formed the 'V' shape. I told S((name deleted)) and his friend that I would search on the internet for them to see if I could find a place to report UFO's and that's how I found you. You can call me, and give me a number to contact you after I get S((name deleted)) and his friends phone number. S((name deleted)) friend says that he would love to tell what happened and even go back to the place he was at and do a film recording for you or whoever does that. I'll leave my information below. If you call then I'll know you are interested. I'll then get your number so I can call you back with S((name deleted)) and his friends phone numbers. I don't have any of their numbers yet. I will call H((name deleted)), who is the leader of the band S((name deleted)) is in and I will get S((name deleted))s number. S((name deleted)) will have the phone number to his friend. See ya, and I hope I helped in this event, I'm sure someone would love to hear these guys story.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. No location in Nevada indicate by witness. PD))