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Occurred : 8/29/2000 01:30 (Entered as : 09/29/00 01:30)
Reported: 9/18/2000 11:14
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Hannover (Germany),
Shape: Circle
Duration:15 minutes
4 white circular lights moving into the centre to form one.


Date: Tuesday 29th August
Place: Hannover, Germany
Time: 1.30 am

I am prompted to write down my sighting of strange lights in the sky, firstly before I forget all the details
and secondly as a result of a programme I watched here in the UK a few days ago.

Whilst on holiday in Hannover last month visiting a penpal and also to see EXPO 2000, after a tiring day I went to bed on Monday 28th August. At about 1.30 am I was suddenly awoken by a bright white light that only lasted a second, rather like the flash of lightening. I lay in bed listening for the thunder to follow but this did not happen. Within a minute there was another flash of white followed closely by a third. Now I could have been dreaming the first but I was wide awake by now so the second and third were not my imagination.

Wanting to visit the bathroom at this point I went through to the en-suite bathroom which has a skylight and looking through the glass I saw that the stars were out and there was some cloud also. In the distance quite high up I saw 4 circular shapes and as I looked they all moved together into the centre to form one circle of light, then moved out to become four again. This happened repeatedly. I thought that perhaps there was a reflection on the glass of the skylight so I opened it to look directly at the sky but the circular shapes were still there and doing the same thing. Moving into the centre, becoming one shape then moving out again to become four. The lights were not bright and glaring but more a dull "white". I stood and watched this for maybe 15 minutes then went to bed.

Next morning I questioned my friends to ask if they had seen the white flashes but they had not. We then checked to see if any reports had come through on the radio or later in the newspapers, again nothing had been reported. In an effort to explain logically what I had seen we wondered if the lights had come from EXPO ie maybe laser lights but EXPO does not run that late into the morning and the distance was too far away. There is a radio mast not far away which is lit up at night and I wondered if this had somehow caused the lights but the size of the lights made this explanation unlikely.

Regarding the television programme the other evening about UFO's, there was extensive coverage on the different sightings over the years including video footage of what people had seen. The commentator then said "In Germany there has frequently been reported that circular shapes have been seen" and they showed examples identical to what I have just described.

Over to you? ((name deleted)) (Miss)