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Occurred : 9/16/2000 17:30 (Entered as : 09-16-00 5:30pm)
Reported: 9/21/2000 01:20
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: San Francisco, CA
Shape: Sphere
Major sighting over SanFranciso Ca. on 9-16-00. Object was seen for up to 30 mintues high up over south downtown SF.Bright shiny object

We are entertainers for kids and was playing at a brithday party.My name is ((initials deleted)) .and my wife name is ((name deleted)).When we finished the party and started to pack up my partner and wife in the act asked me what was that in the sky. My self and another guy said we did not know.At first the 3 of us thought it was a ballon,but we agreed that ballons don't hovverThen we went through the usual supects,a plane, helicopter. At that point others begin to become interested in the object .We were in San Franciso close to downtown.We were in a backyard of a rec center,facing the bay. To the left of us if we're facing the bay was the south part of downtown SF. This is where we saw this object sitting still in the sky.It was really high up in the sky so i decided to go and get my binoculars.I zoomed in as close as i could.It looked like a shining egg just sitting there by this time some 5 mintues had past.Other witnesses started to use the binoculars,they describe a similar sighting. Older kids maybe ages 12 -15 took a look.I knew their eyes was better than mine .They reported seeing a red fireball.I was stunned.We all Begin to take looks, by this time the damn thing begin to move slowly toward the direction of the Bay Bridge. It was still pretty high because i remember first thinking it was a star in the daytime.Anyway I was looking but i did not really see it move, it was like you know it move but when?Next thing we know it had change locations.This is about 15 minutes into this sighting.Once it took another location i took another look and i swear it had lights on the outside of the object flashing.I must confess that i am a Peter Davenport and Art Bell fan but i did'nt expect to see this.At arms length i could not cover this object up.By this time most everyone knew something special was going on.Then all of a sudden there were 2 objects.It was like it had split into. All concerned were amazed. This was about 20 mintues into the ordeal.Of course out of all the years we've been doing family events this is maybe th! e first time no one had a video camera at the party.At this the second object started to curise right above our heads.One little girl started to say this is scareing me.If it was it 1oclock over the Bay Bridge it headed toward 4or 5oclock over our heads.When it was right over our heads i took a look in the binoculars and i saw a red plusating craft.I felt really strange. It really hit me that we could be witnessing other dimensions.Most people had that feeling.Anyway the 2nd object headed our way pasted over and went about what seem to be another 2 miles away hovvering over some trees.While the 1st object is still over the direction of the Bay Bridge.The 2nd object over the trees is just there and then it seems the 2nd object spilt into 3rd object but only briefly,maybe once or twice. After about 5mintues or so the 2nd just vanished.Now with our breath taken away, we focused our attention on the first object.It was still there but one weird thing was . We could see the object with our naked eyes as before but now when we tried to see the object in the binoculars we could not find it.It seemed transparent,strange. Then we looked away for a few seconds and looked back and it was gone.We were lost for words.30 mintues is a long time to witness a sighting.We just wonder did anyone else see it. All the people at this party were just regular folks,bringing their kids to a party.WHAT A PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!