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Occurred : 9/22/2000 00:30 (Entered as : 09/22/00 00:30)
Reported: 9/24/2000 21:08
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Defiance, OH
Shape: Other
Duration:1.5 Minutes
The object, in about 1 -2 seconds, moved from my east to west without a noise. It looked circular and glowed like the moon.

I was walking from my car into my house, after getting home from work, and was observing the night sky as I do most every night. I was walking north. From my far east a disk or ball (somewhat obscured by the light clouds) appeared kind of as a soft white glow, like the moon light, and traveled to my far west in about 1.5 - 2 seconds. It moved so quickly that it appeared to have a short tail coming from behind. It disappeared to my view for about 5 seconds. The object reappeared to my far west side and in approximately .5 second moved to a position just in front of me and slightly to my west and stopped. While it was stationary the soft glow stopped and all I could see were four lights which were green, red, and white. The object hovered at that position for about 15 seconds and then moved off to the north at a slower rate, but much faster than any airplane or jet. While it traveled northward I could see the lights and it did not during any of this sighting make any noise. At first I thought maybe it was a shooting star or an object entering the atmosphere. However, it was unlike any falling star or other object I had ever seen before and, it was much to large, I thought to be such an object. I also thought maybe it was a search light, however you can see the trail of a search light as it cuts the sky and this did not have any. When I saw the lights I thought maybe it was an airplane, jet, or helicopter. However, there was no noise, no airplane or jet I know of can hover, and a helicopter noise would have been very distiguishable at that range even if in a silent mode. I followed the object as it traveled northward until I was in front of my house (on the other side from the drive) and then it was lost to view shortly afterward behind the trees. I stood in awe and watched this thing. I have heard of sightings and other reports of people seeing objects like this. My wife said her and her mother seen one when she was just a child. But, until it happened Friday night I was still skeptical! . The t oughest problem for me right now is that I have a very analytical mind and I would like to explain this away. However, it has bugged me all weekend because I cannot explain it. Was there anything in this area or in science that can explain what I saw? I am curious now. I hope I have another encounter because this was such an awesome, frustratingly inexplicable, and wonderful thing to behold. I hope you don't think I am nuts. Thanks for your time.