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Occurred : 00:30 (Entered as : july1984 12:30am)
Reported: 9/26/2000 01:51
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Kentville (Canada), NS
Shape: Light
Hello my name is ((name deleted)). i was camping in Kentvile Nova,Scotia in 1984 with my best friend an his family. at around 12:30am my friends uncle-notice a light moving in the sky-it was a clear night an we can see the stars,we were all sitting out side our tents when this happened. when his uncle pointed the light to us-we began to wonder what it was. at first he suggested that it was a sattleight or a plane..due to how high it was-we were not certain. we all watched the light for allmost a hour-it was moveing slowly-thats why we knew it was not a plane. then we thought it was a star but we still couldnt agree to that due to the fact that the light was moveing in diffrent directions. so once again we were all stuned..then i stated "MAY be ITS A UFO" my friend an his dad an uncle laughed-then stoped an wondered.. with in a few mins of watching the light there were other campers walking by an noticed the light.. they were wondering what it was an asked us---we had no-idea..the next day we asked several peaople if they saw it an some did ,but didnt know what it was.. the light moved in diffrent directions an slow-an was high up in the sky-if it was not moveing we would have thought of it as a star. i was 13 years old at the time an untill now my friend an his family an myself still talk about it an wonder what it was... i,ve allways kept an open mine on ufo,s an such,,but after that day i started reading up on the subject an become very interested in other storys about ufo, that i know alot more on ufos i really wonder if i had infact saw one..i strongly belive that i did but cant be completly sure…