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Occurred : 9/22/2000 11:00 (Entered as : 09/22/00 11:00)
Reported: 9/26/2000 20:35
Posted: 12/2/2000
Location: Yucca Valley, CA
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:1 hour
i was traveling from desert hot springs to barstow via old woman springs rd (hwy 247 i think it is) on hwy 62 passing from morongo valley to yucca valley, i looked up and saw what appeared to be an airliner but i waited for it to turn and show it's shape-it did not. it appeared to be a long cylinder silver with black ends like flat caps. i remembered seeing this in the same place at least once before and wondered if it were some odd antenna tethered-or something like they have in yuma in the sky-but today i drove bnack there and saw that it was not there. it appeared to the north slightly west so ic ould not watch it very long as i was traveling east. i turned north at the junction of hwy 62 and 247, and after a few miles i saw it again. it was in the same direction which meant that it had either moved or was farther away and larger that i had thought. then there were a lot of senior citizens dressed as police making everyone detour, along buena vista then other streets fianlly returning to 247 at aberdeen. i drove south as far as i could, more tham a mile before the old people tried to detour me, and pulled off and searched the horizon to the west. i finally spotted it again close to the horizon (hills) and smaller and several miles to the north. the second two sightings the object moved enough to confirn the idea it was a cylinder with black ends. flat like caps. i continued around on 247 to johnson valley and lucerne, but cic not see it agian. oncve ther ewas a silver flash but i was not convinced it was the object. when i got home i traced spots and directions and it seemed that if had traveled due north from the first sighting, over burns canyon. had it continued in that direction it would have been visible in johnson valley. it was easy to miss and took stopping and carefully examining the sky to see it the third time, so it would not have been noticed by others though there were many dozens of cars diverted along with me by the old people. i had seen what i thought were air liners coming over the mountain at the first place i saw it, on at least three occasions before, and thought that had i remained the objects would have moved and revealed themselves as air liners, but after this i question if they were the sdame object for on at least one other occasion it seemed to be stationary. this is the route out of town to las vagas or laughlin or mesquite and i travel it half a dozen times a year to conferences, etc. i can make drawings if you want them.