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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/11/1987 21:00 (Entered as : 6/11/87 21:00pm)
Reported: 9/30/2000 12:43
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Middlebury, CT
Shape: Disk

middlebury,ct june 11 1987 about 9:00pm. before i begin,after i saw this space ship i went to yugoslavia the very next day for 3 months on vacation,when i returned, a few freinds of mine told me it was in the paper the very next day.Now,a month ago wich would be august of 2000 i went to the waterbury library to look up the news paper of june 12 1987.when i observed the newspaper article it said that a lot of people phoned freinds,family,newspaper and the police of flying saucers in the sky. The state police of southbury said that people were not seeing a space ship and that they were seeing (6) army planes coming from new york flying close together low to the ground and that they had their navigation lights on. THE STATE POLICE ARE LIARS!!! i saw this space ship on june 11 1987 right in front of my house!! NOW!! what i saw was a space ship from another planet standind in mid air about a quarter mile away from me and maybe a 100 feet over the ground. i was soo scared!! it was about the size of a little league baseball feild. it was not moving,it was just standing there in the air motion less and no sound whats so ever. i could see it perfectly,i could see the shape of the craft perfectly. it was just like a typical flying saucer as if you put 2 dinner plates together. it was to my west. it had flourescent green and red lights!! there were 3 green flourescent lights that were rectangular just like windows but they were not blinking,they were lit up and i could also see rails inside the green windows,what i mean by rails i mean rails that you use to hold on to when you walk. there could have been more windows but i can only see 1 side of the space ship.the red lights i seen were also rectangular in shape under the green windows and they were moving. the red lights were in the center of the disk moving away from each other around the center of the ship and would meet exactlly where they met before. at this point i am completely confused and i thought i was dreaming. here i am standing in front of my hous! e along with my younger brother looking at a space ship from another planet. the space ship was in the air for over a half hour just lowering alttitude a millimeter every minute or two. we stood there and looked at it untill it finally landed behind the trees. i was outside for a good 2 hours but never saw the space ship again. it was still on the ground doing something,i dont know what. any way i'm real scared!!! with a little help i can pin point this landing site and i think i can pin point the exact location of this landing site. before i finish this FACT of my close encounter i wanna say two things. first; still to this day i have not seen any thing like i seen on the night of june 11 1987,not even on movies,not even on cartoons,not even on documentaries,photos,or any thing or those soo called bogus moments that people have video taped.i really do feel that if i had a picture camera or video camera that night of june 11 1987,it would have proved and scared the whole world!! 2nd; i dont know what god is up to, i mean i dont know why he is sending aliens here to visit us. i'm real scared, it still makes me nervous and scared and my hair stand up when i think or talk about it, it's even making me scared right now re-reading my encounter. please, help mee, i just dont know what to think any more. i really appreciate you for taking the time reading my close encounter.

((NUFORC Note: We are grateful for the report. We would like to read the article, and will request a copy from the witness. PD))


hi, i am the one who sent my close encounter experiance to you i had on june 11 1987 . i wrote to many ufo sites and i just found your site and read my incredible story that you placed on your site. the reason i am writing to you again is because you asked for a copy of the newspaper article i clipped from this incredible craft i seen. i will gladley send it to you if you just e-mail me your adress. i have to send it by mail because i have no scanner. my email adress is ((address deleted)) thank you for beleiving my story and placing it on your site.